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Benefits Counselor Job Description
  • Publish: April 17, 2021
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Benefits Counselor Job Description

A Benefits Counselor manages an organization’s benefits schemes and ensures that employees can take full advantage of the programs on offer.

A Benefits Counselor designs benefits packages for employees and advises them on the details of each scheme. Employees often require help with claims or queries, and a Benefits Counselor is the first point of contact in such matters.

Much of a Benefits Counselor’s job involves reaching out to and assisting employees. The career path for a Benefits Counselor can include a supervisory or Benefits Analyst role and Benefits Management at a later point.

Similar Job Titles:

Payroll Coordinator, HR Generalist, Benefits Assistant, Benefits Enroller

What Does a Benefits Counselor Typically Do?

A Benefits Counselor prepares employee benefits packages, advises employees on benefits schemes, and assists with claims or queries.

A Benefits Counselor’s specific tasks include:

  1. Designing employee benefits packages
  2. Assisting employees with enrollment into benefits schemes
  3. Organizing and running training courses
  4. Maintaining and updating employee benefits records
  5. Assisting employees with claims and queries
  6. Advising HR, Payroll, and Departmental Managers on benefits scheme uptake and usage

Designing Employee Benefits Packages

Each employee has different requirements and benefits entitlements, so a Benefits Counselor discusses and designs unique packages for each employee. A Benefits Counselor should elicit each employee’s situation and recommend the most appropriate benefits schemes based on needs, affordability, and the employee’s preferences. Benefits schemes are also complex, so a Benefits Counselor should understand all the intricacies of each scheme and be able to explain them clearly and succinctly.

A Benefits Counselor may have to deal with large amounts of confidential information and should be discreet and circumspect in interacting with the employees. Employees should feel comfortable discussing personal circumstances confidentially with a Benefits Counselor, so a trust relationship between employee and Counselor is paramount.

Assisting Employees With Enrollment Into Benefits Schemes

A Benefits Counselor provides the correct documentation, helps employees fill out forms, submits the forms, and ensures that the applications are processed quickly and correctly.

Following the enrollment applications for benefits schemes, a Benefits Counselor ensures that the employee receives all the necessary certifications, welcome packs, and explanatory documentation required and that these are all explained clearly.

Organizing and Running Training Courses

All employees should receive regular training on the organization’s benefits schemes to keep them updated on changes, improvements, contribution increments, and scheme performance. A Benefits Counselor organizes these training courses and may facilitate them.

New hires or new enrollees to benefits schemes may need particularly comprehensive information, and a Benefits Counselor may have to bring in representatives from the scheme provider to run such induction training.

In either case, a Benefits Counselor ensures that the training courses are clear, concise, and complete.

Maintaining and Updating Employee Benefits Records

A Benefits Counselor is responsible for maintaining and updating all employee benefits records in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Collaboration with the payroll function and the Benefits Manager is necessary to ensure that all changes are reflected well in advance of the next payroll run.

Assisting Employees With Claims and Queries

Employees often regard a Benefits Counselor as the first point of contact in all benefits-related matters, so a Benefits Counselor should handle all claims and queries quickly, correctly, and fully.

Successful Benefits Counselors will also follow up on claims on behalf of the employee, find missing documentation if required, and do everything necessary to ensure claims are resolved satisfactorily.

Advising HR, Payroll, and Departmental Managers on Benefits Scheme Uptake and Usage

Organizations often benefit financially from as many employees as possible enrolling in benefits schemes, so a Benefits Counselor updates all stakeholders regularly on progress, issues, and queries from the employees.

A Benefits Counselor is a party to all the employees’ concerns and questions about the organization’s benefits schemes and is in a unique position to advise management on possible improvements or changes. Any advice must, however, respect employees’ wishes for anonymity and must be handled discreetly.

Roles a Benefits Counselor Typically Collaborates With

A Benefits Counselor collaborates closely with:

Collaborative Roles
Human Resources Manager Payroll Coordinator Payroll Manager
Compensation and Benefits Manager HR Coordinator Benefits Analyst
Benefits Manager HR Director Human Resources Project Manager

Benefits Counselor Salary

A Benefits Counselor’s earnings will typically be between $36,000 and $66,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $49,164.

What Is the Benefits Counselor Pay Difference by Location?

A Benefits Counselor’s average salary will be affected by location as follows:

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $64,771
Seattle, WA $56,656
Denver, CO $52,402
Austin, TX $50,962
Washington, D.C. $57,682
Milwaukee, WI $51,282
Boston, MA $58,382
New York, NY $62,335

What Is the Benefits Counselor Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Experience will affect a Benefits Counselor’s salary as follows:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $49,493
1–4 years $49,626
5–9 years $50,489
10–19 years $52,131
20+ years $52,446

Benefits Counselor Job Description Template

[Company Name] is renowned for offering our employees comprehensive benefits packages to attract and retain the best people. We are looking for a dedicated and empathic Benefits Counselor to help our employees get the most out of the schemes we offer.

You will work with all our employees to ensure they get the best packages possible for their circumstances and will assist them in signing up for and using their benefits.

You must have a background in HR, ideally in Benefits Administration, and must be committed to helping others. Success in your role will bring a good chance of advancement within the HR department.

Benefits Counselor Job Responsibilities

Your role as a Benefits Counselor will involve:

  • Advising employees on the best benefits packages for them
  • Helping employees with benefits scheme enrollment and use
  • Handling claims, queries, and issues
  • Liaising with HR management and departmental heads
  • Maintaining and updating employee records

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR
  • At least two years experience in a benefits administration role
  • Extensive experience with common HR Information Systems (SAP or Oracle, for example)
  • Expert computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Excellent advisory and consultative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Proven ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality
  • High enthusiasm and a desire to help others
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