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Benefits Enroller Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Benefits Enroller Job Description

A Benefits Enroller works within the compensation and benefits department of an organization to enroll employees in the schemes on offer. 

This is an entry-level position, and the incumbent should understand all the programs in detail to explain them to employees. A Benefits Enroller should be able to answer most questions, provide advice on the best options, and ensure the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly and processed timeously.

Many organizations benefit financially from high sign-up rates, so a Benefits Enroller should be able to use consultative sales techniques to persuade employees to enroll. A Benefits Enroller must also be diligent in making sure all required documentation is complete, accurate, and submitted correctly to the provider.

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Human Resources Associate, Benefits Administrator, Benefits Counselor, Benefits Enrollment Specialist, Benefits Coordinator, Benefits Adviser, Benefits Consultant, Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Benefits Specialist, Benefits Representative, Benefits Assistant

What Does a Benefits Enroller Typically Do?

A Benefits Enroller meets with employees to discuss their individual needs, present the organization’s benefits packages, and sign them up for the appropriate schemes. The packages will include healthcare schemes, pension plans, ancillary wellness schemes, and possibly, stock purchase offers. A Benefits Enroller’s job is to make sure as many employees as possible benefit from the right packages on offer.

The benefits schemes are often offered by external providers, so the Benefits Enroller must act as a broker between employees and the providers. The person performing this job is often the first point of contact to resolve issues with benefit schemes on behalf of the employee.

The Benefit Enroller’s specific tasks will include:

  1. Knowing all the details of the benefits packages on offer
  2. Understanding individual employees’ needs
  3. Presenting appropriate solutions
  4. Filling out application forms and collecting documentation from employees
  5. Submitting applications and following up
  6. Reporting results to management
  7. Maintaining employee benefits records for all schemes
  8. Attending training courses to learn about new products or services
  9. Briefing groups of employees on changes to benefits packages
  10. Assisting with issue resolution by liaising between employees and providers

Knowing All the Details of the Benefits Packages on Offer

Benefits schemes can be highly complex, but a Benefits Enroller should know each product inside-out and be able to explain details clearly. Explanations need to be free from technical language and must make the employee feel comfortable with the choices on offer. A Benefits Enroller requires good training and adequate practice to hone this skill.

Understanding Individual Employees’ Needs

Each employee consults with a Benefits Enroller to clarify exact benefits needs and any factors that could be important. This is a sales-related skill that requires good questioning and listening technique on the part of a Benefits Enroller. A successful Benefits Enroller can elicit all relevant information from an employee before proposing a solution.

Presenting Appropriate Solutions

Each employee has individual needs, and a Benefits Enroller presents solutions individually tailored to them. Employees should feel their needs are being understood and met at all times in the consultation process. The Benefits Enroller needs strong check-questioning techniques to ensure that the employee is comfortable with the proposal.

Filling Out Application Forms and Collecting Documentation From Employees

Together with the employee, a Benefits Enroller ensures that all required sign-up paperwork is filled out completely and correctly before submission. 

An error could cause a serious delay in the specific benefits package’s availability and may end up damaging the relationship with the provider while also negatively impacting the employee’s satisfaction. With that in mind, attention to detail is a must-have skill.

Submitting Applications and Following Up

A Benefits Enroller submits documentation to the respective provider and ensures that it has been received. 

Follow-up will consist of tracking progress with the provider and keeping the employee updated, as well as rectifying any issues in the submission process. The Benefits Enroller ensures that enrollment is fast and problem-free and that the employee can begin benefitting from the scheme as soon as possible.

Reporting Results to Management

Management requires regular updates on new enrollments, claims, and any issues that may affect the calculation of premiums or contributions. A Benefits Enroller prepares weekly, monthly, and quarterly activity reports, as well as ad hoc reports, if major issues are identified.

Maintaining Employee Benefits Records for All Schemes

The Benefits Enroller may be tasked with maintaining the organization’s employee records pertaining to benefits. This will often be performed in collaboration with either the HR or payroll departments.

Attending Training Courses To Learn About New Products or Services

Product and scheme knowledge is crucial to making sure employees get the most out of their benefits schemes. A Benefits Enroller will have to attend regular internal and external training courses to stay abreast of changes, developments, or new products.

Briefing Groups of Employees on Changes to Benefits Packages

A successful Benefits Enroller is a trusted figure in an organization and may be tasked with briefing groups of employees on changes to benefits schemes. Presentation skills and Q&A techniques are required to maintain trust and ensure changes are communicated clearly and concisely.

Assisting With Issue Resolution by Liaising Between Employees and Providers

Issues with providers that cannot be resolved by an employee directly are resolved by a Benefits Enroller, who intercedes with the provider on behalf of the employee. A Benefits Enroller has the advantage of personal contacts within the provider’s organization who can resolve issues faster and more efficiently. 

Roles a Benefits Enroller Typically Collaborates With

A Benefits Enroller will work closely with the following posts:

Collaborative Roles
Compensation and Benefits ManagerPayroll CoordinatorHR Coordinator
HR ManagerHuman Resources ExecutiveSenior HR Specialist
Benefits AnalystBenefits AdministratorBenefits Manager

Benefits Enroller Salary

A Benefits Enroller’s average salary will typically be between $31,000 and $38,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $33,907.  

What Is the Benefits Enroller Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for a Benefits Enroller differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$42,384
Seattle, WA$37,074
Denver, CO$34,290
Austin, TX$33,348
Washington, DC$37,746
Milwaukee, WI$33,558
Boston, MA$38,203
New York, NY$40,790

What Is the Benefits Enroller Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, pay will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
<1 year$32,657
1–4 years$33,557
5–9 years$33,557
10–19 years$33,557
20+ years$33,557

Benefits Enroller Job Description Template

[Company Name] offers its employees a wide range of exciting benefits in our efforts to create a happy, motivated, and productive team. We are looking for a Benefits Enroller to help our team take full advantage of the schemes we offer.

You will work with individual employees to understand their needs, offer them appropriate benefits packages, and enroll them in their respective schemes. You will then help to get the best out of the schemes once they are signed up.

We are looking for someone outgoing, service-oriented, and able to convey complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Benefits Enroller Responsibilities

The Benefits Enroller will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Being the knowledge resource for each of our benefits packages and schemes
  • Ascertaining employees’ needs and proposing benefits
  • Enrolling employees on benefits schemes
  • Preparing reports for management
  • Improving employee benefits uptake
  • Solving benefits-related issues for employees

Required Skill Set

The Benefits Enroller should possess the following qualifications, skills, and attributes:

  • College degree or equivalent
  • Expert knowledge of MS Office
  • Knowledge of common HRIS
  • Consultative sales experience (financial services, insurance, or similar)
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Client focus
  • Ability to assimilate and explain large volumes of information

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