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Benefits Enrollment Specialist Job Description
  • Publish: April 17, 2021
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Benefits Enrollment Specialist Job Description

A Benefits Enrollment Specialist advises employees on the organization’s benefits schemes and guides them through the enrollment process if they are eligible.

Working within the HR department, a Benefits Enrollment Specialist is an expert on all the benefits schemes offered by the organization and is responsible for ensuring that employees take advantage of all the benefits they are entitled to.

The role is an entry-level position but can lead to supervisory responsibility within the compensation and benefits function.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Specialist, Benefits Counselor, Benefits Enroller

What Does a Benefits Enrollment Specialist Typically Do?

A Benefits Enrollment Specialist works with employees to understand their needs and sign them up for the most appropriate benefits schemes.

Depending on the size of the organization, the benefits schemes may include medical cover, pension plans, wellness programs, and stock purchase options. A Benefits Enroller advises employees on the schemes they are eligible for and guides them through the enrollment process.

The role requires in-depth knowledge of each scheme as well as the ability to elicit and understand each employee’s requirements and circumstances. A Benefits Enroller may have to deal with sensitive personal information, so they should be a reliable and trustworthy individual.

The role’s specific tasks include:

  1. Knowing the details of each Benefit scheme
  2. Eliciting and understanding individual employees’ needs
  3. Presenting appropriate solutions
  4. Completing application processes
  5. Submitting applications and following up
  6. Reporting to management and updating employee benefits records
  7. Attending training courses to learn about new products or services
  8. Training groups of employees on benefits scheme changes
  9. Liaising between employees and providers

Knowing the Details of Each Benefit Scheme

Benefits schemes are highly complex and require detailed knowledge, so a Benefits Enrollment Specialist possesses a vast amount of information about each scheme.

Effective Benefits Enrollment Specialists can translate this knowledge into non-technical and clear explanations and help an employee feel comfortable about making the right choice.

The role demands an ability to simplify and synthesize information so it is understandable for a layperson.

Eliciting And Understanding Individual Employees’ Needs

Each individual has specific needs depending on their circumstances, and a Benefits Enrollment Specialist interviews each employee to determine which benefits are the most appropriate.

The interviews reveal sensitive information, so a Benefits Enrollment Specialist must be empathic and circumspect in handling private details.

Crucial traits for a Benefits Enrollment Specialist are sensitivity, impartiality, and trustworthiness. Successful incumbents are also experts in questioning techniques to draw out as much information as possible before proposing a package of benefits.

Presenting Appropriate Solutions

The benefits package presented to each employee is created individually based on the employee’s requirements and situation, so a Benefits Enrollment Specialist presents the package to highlight its appropriateness for the employee in question.

Sales techniques such as asking closed verification questions, seeking agreement, and confirming understanding are essential for a Benefits Enrollment Specialist. Each employee should be satisfied by the package that meets their needs perfectly.

Completing Application Processes

Together with the employee, a Benefits Enrollment Specialist fills out the necessary forms for each scheme and collects the required documentation from the employee.

Each scheme requires separate application documentation, so a Benefits Enrollment Specialist requires strong administrative skills to ensure the documentation is correct and complete in each case.

Submitting Applications And Following Up

On behalf of the employee, a Benefits Enrollment Specialist submits the required documentation to the relevant provider, confirms its receipt, and follows up on the application process.

Throughout the application and enrollment process, a Benefits Enrollment Specialist keeps the employee updated on the progress and ensures that enrollment certificates and welcome packs are given to the employee once the enrollment is completed.

Reporting To Management and Updating Employee Benefits Records

Enrollment in benefits schemes can have financial implications for the organization, so a Benefits Enrollment Specialist reports regularly to management on any new enrollments.

Additionally, a Benefits Enrollment Specialist ensures that all new enrollments or changes to scheme membership are updated on the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and that payroll is made aware of them.

Attending Training Courses To Learn About New Products Or Services

Benefits providers update or change their offerings regularly, and a Benefits Enrollment Specialist needs the most up to date information to ensure they can advise employees correctly.

Regular training courses from providers keep a Benefits Enrollment Specialist updated on the details of each scheme and also serve to cement the relationship between the provider and the Benefits Enrollment Specialist.

Training Groups Of Employees On Benefits Scheme Changes

Changes to benefits schemes can be instigated by providers and the organization, and a Benefits Enrollment Specialist is responsible for ensuring that any such changes are communicated clearly and effectively to the affected employees.

Training courses provide an opportunity to communicate changes to large groups, and a Benefits Enrollment Specialist should be comfortable presenting in front of large groups, answering questions, and summarizing information clearly and succinctly.

Liaising Between Employees And Providers

A Benefits Enrollment Specialist acts as the contact point between providers and employees and may be asked to handle claims, issues, and queries on behalf of the employee.

The cooperative relationship built with each provider is crucial in such cases, meaning that an effective Benefits Enrollment Specialist can resolve matters faster and more effectively than the employee.

Roles a Benefits Enrollment Specialist Typically Collaborates With

A Benefits Enrollment Specialist is closely linked with the following roles:

Collaborative Roles
Compensation and Benefits Manager Payroll Coordinator HR Coordinator
HR Manager Human Resources Executive Senior HR Specialist
Benefits Analyst Benefits Administrator Benefits Manager

Benefits Enrollment Specialist Salary

Benefits Enrollment Specialists earn between $36,000 and $48,000 a year in the U.S., with the average (median) lying at $38,863.

What Is the Benefits Enrollment Specialist Pay Difference by Location?

Location influences a Benefits Enrollment Specialist’s salary as follows:

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $48,579
Austin, TX $38,222
Washington, D.C. $43,262
Seattle, WA $42,493
Boston, MA $43,787
Milwaukee, WI $38,462
New York, NY $46,752
Denver, CO $39,302

What Is the Benefits Enrollment Specialist Pay Difference by Experience Level?

More experience will boost a Benefits Enrollment Specialist’s salary as follows:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $38,238
1–4 years $43,855
5–9 years $44,644
10–19 years $44,644
20+ years $44,644

Benefits Enrollment Specialist Job Description Template

[Company] offers a wide range of benefits to attract and retain the best possible people. We are looking for a Benefits Enrollment Specialist to help us ensure our employees take advantage of what is on offer.

We’re looking for an expert on diverse benefits schemes and are experienced in advising employees on what is best for them.

Your job will be to improve our enrollment numbers and help boost employee satisfaction and retention by enrolling each team member in the appropriate benefit scheme and assisting them with any benefits-related queries.

Benefits Enrollment Specialist Job Responsibilities

Your role as a Benefits Enrollment Specialist will involve:

  • Knowing each benefits scheme inside-out
  • Advising employees on eligibility and scheme enrollment
  • Completing enrollment processes
  • Reporting to management and payroll
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with providers
  • Resolving employee benefits issues

Required Skill Set

We are looking for:

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR or Accounting
  • At least two years’ experience in a benefits-related role
  • Expert knowledge of the benefits environment
  • Thorough knowledge of common HR Information Systems
  • Strong sales skills
  • True empathy and willingness to help employees
  • Complete dedication and follow-through

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