Brand Manager Job Description
Brand Manager Job Description There are many premium quality products on the market, but what makes some of them stand out is their brand image. Brand Managers are the ones…
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Brand Manager Job Description

There are many premium quality products on the market, but what makes some of them stand out is their brand image. Brand Managers are the ones in charge of giving a personality to a product, service, or company, making it recognizable and appealing to potential customers.

They conduct extensive research of the market, competition, and current trends to create and portray an image of a product or company that will attract more clients and bring in repeat business. Their job is complex and involves not only creating a brand but also maintaining its reputation and position in the marketplace by observing the public response and interacting with the brand’s target audience.

What Does a Brand Manager Usually Do?

A Brand Manager’s job is to make sure that the brand image they promote is consistent across all campaigns and advertisements and in accordance with company goals.

Here’s a list of activities a Brand Manager typically performs:

  1. Conducts market research
  2. Identifies the position of the brand on the market
  3. Creates branding strategies
  4. Organizes events to promote the brand
  5. Collaborates with clients and other departments
  6. Measures the performance of branding strategies

Conducts Market Research

The first step before creating or updating a brand image is performing a thorough research of current trends, interests, and activities of potential consumers.

To accomplish that, Brand Managers need to collaborate with market analysts. They provide relevant data that Brand Managers then use as a base for creating a product image that will appeal to the target audience. Brand Managers rely on this data to identify the value proposition of the brand that will help drive the sales of the brand’s products and services.

Identifies the Position of the Brand on the Market

Brand Managers have an obligation to monitor the status of the brand and make sure it is aligned with current trends. They have to check all social media networks, blogs, forums, and online surveys to be certain that the brand image is consistent across all communications channels.

Every Brand Manager knows that trying to appeal to everyone is impossible—it is more important to find a quality group of customers that will maintain their loyalty to the brand and potentially act as brand ambassadors. It is also necessary to consider customer experience and try to bring their interaction with the company to the next level.

Creates Branding Strategies

When it comes to developing a branding strategy, every successful Brand Manager knows that it’s not smart to focus solely on current trends. While current trends are a great place to start and represent excellent building blocks, a Brand Manager must also define a unique sales proposition and other characteristics that will make the brand stand out from the competition.

Every branding strategy must begin with a firm grasp of the brand’s identity. Once the foundation for the brand is established, Brand Managers have to implement multiple strategies to ensure the brand’s uniqueness, increase customer loyalty, and generate sales.

Organizes Events To Promote the Brand

It is necessary to make sure the brand’s message reaches its target audience. It is a Brand Manager’s job to achieve that by developing, implementing, and executing marketing activities to promote the brand.

Those activities include events, sponsorships, marketing campaigns, and corporate responsibility programs.

Collaborates With Clients and Other Departments

Before making any final decisions on the branding strategy, a Brand Manager needs to run the idea by other departments. The brand always needs to reflect the goals and expectations of the company.

Brand Managers also rely on members of other departments to help them execute the idea, including social media marketing experts, designers, and other managers.

Measures the Performance of Branding Strategies

To ensure future success, Brand Managers need to conduct research on strategy performance. That covers a variety of measurements, such as price, value, accessibility, profitability, and customer attitude towards the brand.

Brand Manager Salary

The average salary for a Brand Manager in the U. S. is around $72,000 per year. The amount depends on the Brand Manager’s experience level, qualifications, and organization of the company and can range between $44,000 and $117,000.

What Is the Brand Manager Pay Difference by Location?

Here a quick overview of how a Brand Manager’s salary varies across major U.S. cities:

City Average Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA $91,838
Seattle, WA $82,753
Denver, CO $75,307
Austin, TX $63,434
Washington, D.C. $74,558
Milwaukee, WI $44,953
Boston, MA $79,902
New York, NY $85,051

What Is the Brand Manager Pay Difference by Experience?

A Brand Manager’s salary depends on their experience level as well. Here are the differences in Brand Managers’ salaries based on experience in the role:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
< 1 $51,000
1–4 $62,000
5–9 $76,000
10–19 $84,000
20+ $83,000

Branding Manager Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for an experienced Brand Manager to create and implement creative marketing strategies with the goal of raising brand awareness and positioning our brand as the leader in the marketplace.

You will be working closely with [department names] to design a branding strategy that will establish our business, reflect on current trends, and resonate with our target audience.

You will be analyzing data, performing in-depth research of the market and consumers’ attitudes towards the brand, and reporting on the brand’s performance across different channels.

A Brand Manager has to be a detail-oriented, creative, and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about the company and is not afraid to take on the challenge of creating a unique brand identity. You should have a good grasp of consumers’ interests, great analytical skills, and excellent multitasking abilities.

Brand Manager Responsibilities

  • Planning and delivering digital marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and advertisements
  • Defining brand management plans for all products and delivering brand exposure reports to upper management regularly
  • Working with advertising agencies to manage the performance of brand marketing strategies
  • Exploring current market trends and competitive activities
  • Collaborating with other departments to achieve better results
  • Making sure that brand marketing activities are aligned with company goals

Brand Manager Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or related field
  • Several years of experience in brand management, marketing management, or another related field
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Vast experience in leading teams and projects
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Creative and strategic thinking
  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent organization skills and ability to work under pressure

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