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Best Coworking Spaces in Ensenada
  • Publish: May 13, 2021
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Nine awesome coworking spaces in Ensenada, Mexico!

Ensenada, Mexico, is a true hidden gem among travel destinations that many people are still unaware of. Some may know it as the fishing and navy center of Baja California, but this place also has some wild surfing and windsurfing spots! There are also super exciting whale-watching excursions that will make memories that will last you a lifetime! Most notably, this town is a gateway for Baja California’s renowned wine country.

Those who discover this city always enjoy coming back, and many even take up coworking here, too. We loved that idea and decided to explore the options for remote working in Ensenada. 

Ensenada has stable internet connectivity, but for the time being, only two dedicated coworking spaces operate in the area. Fortunately, there are also several appropriate hotels and cafes that are laptop-friendly. We listed them in this article, but let’s start with the coworking hubs:

  1. Hub Center Ensenada
  2. Ensenada Business Center

Hub Center Ensenada is the most popular coworking space in this wine country paradise!

Source: Yelp

Hub Center Ensenada is one of the most frequented coworking spots in this coastal town. It has everything you may need—hot and dedicated coworking desks, meeting and conference rooms, event rooms, an on-site cafe, a virtual office service, and a lounge room. The Wi-Fi signal is stable, and there is also parking on the premises.

The coworking space was designed to meet various needs, from entrepreneurs needing to solidify their businesses to freelancers looking for a place to promote their work output. 

All of their rooms are equipped with the tech you may need for your business, so all you need to do is take your laptop with you. The lounge room can be used for relaxation but also as an office for life coaches and therapists. The private offices can hold up to eight people, meeting rooms have 12 seats, and the event space can host 50. 

Hub Center Ensenada strives to promote the sharing of ideas and deepen the connections among their members. They organize frequent member events and offer different programs. There is an Incubator program called Startup Baja and the CODEV Hacker/School, where attendees can learn new software skills. They also partnered up with Google for Startups to bring more value to their members.

PricingPrivate office: $200 an hour +IVALounge office: $100 an hour +IVAMeeting room: $200 an hour +IVAEvent room: $300 an hour +IVAVirtual office: $2,000 a month +IVAFurnished office: $4,000 a month +IVACoworking: $1,500 a month +IVA
High-Speed Internet100 megabit fiber
Open HoursMonday—Friday: 9 am–7 pmSaturday: 10 am–2 pmSunday: Closed24-hour member access: Yes
AddressAv. Rayon 294 Col. Obrera Ensenada22830 Baja CaliforniaMexico
Comfortable ChairsYes
Standing DeskYes
Dedicated DeskYes
Conference RoomYes
Private OfficeYes
Event roomYes
Phone booth / Skype roomNo

Ensenada Business Center is an equally exquisite coworking spot!

Source: Ensenada Business Center

Ensenada Business Center is located at the heart of the town, in the midst of its business district. Their offices are surrounded by banks, malls, and other companies. 

At the very doorstep, you will be greeted by a bilingual receptionist, which is a rarity and a most welcome benefit in Latin speaking countries. The interior has a modern, attractive design and comfortable, ergonomic furniture. You will have coworking hot desks, meeting rooms, and an executive space at your disposal. Another benefit is the spacious waiting room, where your clients or event attendees can wait comfortably. 

The premises are covered by HD camera security, so you won’t need to worry about keeping an eye on your belongings at all times. The place also organizes different events and courses to promote networking opportunities to their members. 

PricingPrivate office: $350 an hourMeeting room: $450 an hourEvent room: $600 an hour50% discount Mon–Wed from 10 am to 4 pm for private offices and meeting rooms
High-Speed Internet100 megabit fiber
Open HoursMonday—Friday: 9 am–7 pmSaturday: 10 am–2 pmSunday: Closed24-hour member access: No
AddressCalle Cuarta #341EnsenadaBaja CaliforniaMexico
Comfortable ChairsYes
Standing DeskNo
Dedicated DeskNo
Conference RoomYes
Private OfficeYes
Event roomYes
Phone booth / Skype roomNo

There are more places you can work from in Ensenada! Take a look at their coworking-friendly cafes and hotels!

Although Ensenada has only two dedicated coworking spaces that can offer you all the services you can think of, you can still explore alternative spots to work from. If you don’t want to set up a virtual office and have no need for event and conference rooms, then a solid cafe or a comfy hotel lounge would work equally well for you!

All you need to make sure of is that the place you choose has a decent internet connection and that it is not too loud. And we mustn’t forget that the coffee that is served at the spot has to comply with high-quality standards!

With that said, we have several suggestions for you. Some of the places we feel might be worth considering for remote work in Ensenada are:

  1. Barra D’ Café
  2. Café La Churreria
  3. Café con Leche
  4. Estación 1 Por la Hormiga
  5. Café Arábiga

Barra D’ Café

Source: Yelp

Barra D’ Café is one of the most popular coffee shops in Ensenada. Given that its main business is coffee, tea, and other hot drinks, it is never as crowded as other pubs and cafes can get. So, it can make for a perfectly suitable work spot. What makes things even better is that they have private parking spots and accept credit cards.

They are known for serving freshly roasted coffee—the roaster they use is displayed on site. Not only will you enjoy the most aromatic sips in this place, but you’ll also be surrounded by the mesmerizing scent throughout your stay.

The tables are spacious and can fit all your work gear, and there are also plenty of pillows for added lumbar support. Still, you may need to aim for a spot near a power plug!

Address Av. Miramar 666Col. Centro22800 Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaMexico
Working hoursMonday—Friday: 7 am–7 pmSaturday: 7 am–7 pmSunday: 9 am–2 pm
Wi-Fi Free 

Café La Churreria

Source: Yelp

Café La Churreria is another enchanting coffee shop in Ensenada. Although it does get busier than our previous mention in the afternoons, you shouldn’t get distracted in the mornings here. 

They are known for serving the most various coffee flavors in Ensenada. Some of the most popular are espressos enriched with chocolate, cajeta, strawberry, caramel, or sweetened condensed milk (a big thing in Mexico, apparently!). You can pay with your credit card and order takeout.

The tables are tall and spacious, and the staff is exceptionally hospitable. However, the chairs are wooden and sturdy, so you may not want to stay here until the afternoon anyway.

Address Av. Riveroll 122Col. Centro22800 Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaMexico
Working hoursMonday—Friday: 10 am–10 pmSaturday: 10 am–10 pmSunday: 1 pm–9 pm
Wi-Fi Free 

Café con Leche

Source: Yelp 

Café con Leche is a quaint-looking cafe in Ensenada. It offers delicious coffee but also the softest pastry in town. There are a cozy indoor area and an upstairs terrace reminiscent of a treehouse. The prices are super affordable, as well.

The place has a reputation for being the perfect spot to unwind after a long workday. So that is when you can expect it to be the busiest. Either visit it earlier and enjoy the peace and quiet or join later to mingle with the locals.

Address Av. Gastelum 789Col. Centro22800 Carlos Pacheco 3Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaMexico
Working hoursMonday—Friday: 8 am–11 pmSaturday: 9 am–11 pmSunday: 3 pm–11 pm
Wi-Fi Free

Estación 1 Por la Hormiga

Source: Yelp

Estación 1 Por la Hormiga is a bright, welcoming cafe and bar where you can enjoy great, affordable coffee and delicious, fresh meals. It is clean, comfortable, and the service is flawless.

We loved the tall tables that can be used as standing desks to work from. There is no need to take our travel ones with us in that case. Apart from the indoor area, you can set up shop in the shaded, breezy outdoor patio as well. The tables out there are even more spacious in case you are bringing more stuff with you.

Address Carretera Ensenada-Tecate Km 10322890 Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaMexico
Working hoursMonday—Friday: 6.30 am–7 pmSaturday: 7 am–5 pmSunday: 8 am–3 pm
Wi-Fi Free 

Café Arábiga

Source: Yelp

Café Arábiga is another cozy and tranquil coffee shop in Ensenada. The atmosphere there is reported to be so relaxing that you may not want to leave. Fortunately, the coffee is strong and uplifting.

There is an indoor lounge with soft, cushioned chairs and spacious tables. There is also an indoor atrium at the back if you want to take in some fresh air and soak up some sun while you work. 

Address Calle Segunda 101022800 Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaMexico
Working hoursMonday—Friday: 8 am–11 pmSaturday: 8 am–11 pmSunday: 4 pm–11 pm
Wi-Fi Free 

In case cafes are not your cup of tea, we suggest you give one of the hotels in Ensenada a go. Many of them have quite comfortable lounges with free Wi-Fi that you can have access to even if you are not staying there. Feel free to ask around, but for our present purposes, here are two that we can recommend:

  1. Hotel Cortez
  2. Estero Beach Hotel & Resort
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