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Healthcare Recruiter Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Healthcare Recruiter Job Description

A Healthcare Recruiter is a professional who specializes in recruiting suitable candidates for vacancies in the healthcare sector.

A successful Healthcare Recruiter is highly specialized and must have in-depth knowledge of the industry and various skill sets needed for different positions within the healthcare industry. The role entails evaluating not only technical qualifications but also the resilience of the candidate to withstand the demands of the job.

Healthcare Recruiters work for recruitment agencies, as freelancers, or within the healthcare system.

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What Does a Healthcare Recruiter Typically Do?

A Healthcare Recruiter delivers on an organization’s hiring plan by finding candidates for open positions proactively or reactively.

The job of a Healthcare Recruiter typically consists of:

  1. Consulting with the Hiring Manager to understand organizational recruitment strategy
  2. Agreeing on a recruitment mandate with the Hiring Manager
  3. Searching for and approaching suitable candidates
  4. Posting job ads to attract applicants
  5. Managing the interview, assessment, and shortlisting process
  6. Maintaining a lead database

Consulting With the Hiring Manager To Understand Organizational Recruitment Strategy

The Hiring Manager of the client organization works with a Healthcare Recruiter to understand the short-, medium-, and long-term recruitment plans the organization has developed. Effective Healthcare Recruiters will have a solid understanding of both the organization and the technicalities of each job vacancy.

Agreeing on a Recruitment Plan With the Organization

A Healthcare Recruiter works with the organization’s Hiring Manager or HR department to draw up job profiles and job descriptions for each vacancy. Thorough research enables a Healthcare Recruiter to gauge the market and propose a recruitment plan. The organization and the Healthcare Recruiter must agree on the plan for recruitment to begin.

Searching for and Approaching Suitable Candidates

The hiring organization may determine that proactive recruitment, or headhunting, is the correct approach to fill a senior vacancy, so a Healthcare Recruiter may be mandated to approach suitable candidates. A wide network of contacts is essential and may include candidates placed in the past, suitable job seekers, and leads garnered through research and networking.

With the agreement of the hiring organization, the network can be approached to determine whether any of the contacts would be interested in the open position. A Healthcare Recruiter should be discreet and careful not to reveal any proprietary information at this stage.

Posting Job Ads To Attract Applicants

In close collaboration with the Hiring Manager, a Healthcare Recruiter creates, places, and tracks job ads to attract applicants. 

The hiring organization and the Healthcare Recruiter will agree on copy, placement, and timing of job ads to generate maximum interest and attract as many qualified candidates as possible. A recruitment professional in this role understands the specialized media landscape of the healthcare industry and can offer guidance and advice to the hiring organization.

Managing the Interview, Assessment, and Shortlisting Process

Interviewing and assessing candidates is the core task within the recruitment process. A Healthcare Recruiter is an expert interviewer and assessor for the healthcare sector. 

The hiring organization will often be directly involved in the assessment and selection processes and may even provide assessment material such as case studies, preferred psychometric tests, and other relevant resources. Experienced Healthcare Recruiters will also possess specialized assessment methods relevant to the industry.

Once interviewed, assessed, and selected, a Healthcare Recruiter prepares a shortlist of candidates for the hiring organization. They liaise with the hiring organization, arrange further interviews, and handle the ongoing communication with shortlisted candidates.

Maintaining a Lead Database

A Healthcare Recruiter should maintain an active and wide database of leads specific to the healthcare industry. The leads will be made up of former placements, interviewees who have impressed, and contacts made through networking activities. 

A Healthcare Recruiter devotes adequate time to trawling for, meeting, and farming new leads to maintain a full database of viable candidates.

Roles a Healthcare Recruiter Typically Collaborates With

A Healthcare Recruiter is closely linked to the following roles:

Collaborative Roles
Hiring ManagerHR ManagerRecruiting Consultant
Corporate RecruiterHuman Resources ExecutiveCompensation and Benefits Manager
Benefits ManagerSenior HR SpecialistHR Coordinator

Healthcare Recruiter Salary

A Healthcare Recruiter’s salary will fall between $40,000 and $53,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $46,446.  

What Is the Healthcare Recruiter Pay Difference by Location?

Location affects a Healthcare Recruiter’s salary as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$58,058
Seattle, WA$50,785
Denver, CO$46,971
Austin, TX$45,680
Washington, D.C.$51,704
Milwaukee, WI$45,968
Boston, MA$52,331
New York, NY$55,875

What Is the Healthcare Recruiter Pay Difference by Experience Level?

A Healthcare Recruiter’s salary will vary according to experience as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$44,443
1–4 years$47,880
5–9 years$48,836
10–19 years$48,836
20+ years$48,836

Healthcare Recruiter Job Description Template

[Company Name] is a successful recruitment agency specializing in positions in the healthcare sector. We are growing exponentially and are looking to hire an experienced and professional Healthcare Recruiter.

You must be an expert in the specific requirements of the healthcare industry and equally at home dealing with candidates for clerical, ancillary, or clinical positions.

You will work with our clients to maintain and develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. You will be part of a highly dedicated team of specialists and will contribute to our growth as a bespoke recruiting agency.

Healthcare Recruiter Responsibilities

  • Servicing an existing client base and signing new clients
  • Creating and posting job ads in specialized media
  • Receiving applications, interviewing and assessing candidates, and creating shortlists
  • Presenting shortlists to clients
  • Maintaining and growing a lead database

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business, or Accounting
  • At least two years’ experience in a healthcare recruitment role
  • Excellent knowledge of the healthcare sector
  • Expert knowledge of interview, assessment, and selection techniques
  • Superb written and oral communication skills
  • Sales skills and client focus
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Strong teamwork and collaborative skills

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