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HR Administrative Assistant Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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HR Administrative Assistant Job Description

An HR Administrative Assistant supports the HR team by performing clerical, administrative, and routine tasks.

An HR Administrative Assistant’s job is to ensure that the HR department can run smoothly and efficiently. Tasks assigned to an HR Administrative Assistant may be wide-ranging and require a high level of time management skills, accuracy, and diligence.

Successful HR Administrative Assistants are highly-valued team members who can master every aspect of HR administration. The role can lead to supervisory responsibility or possible specialization in one of the HR disciplines.

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What Does an HR Administrative Assistant Typically Do?

An HR Administrative Assistant performs every clerical task within the HR department. The scope will vary from organization to organization, but every assigned task must be performed accurately, quickly, and completely. 

The role may include the following tasks:

  1. Collecting work records and timesheets
  2. Capturing employee data and maintaining employee records
  3. Preparing payroll data
  4. Posting job ads
  5. Receiving and collating job applicant documentation
  6. Setting up meetings, interviews, and appointments
  7. Organizing training activities
  8. Answering general HR queries
  9. General office clerical tasks

Collecting Work Records and Timesheets

An HR Administrative Assistant ensures timesheets, work records, leave applications, and other staff-related documents are collected, collated, and up-to-date. The HR Administrative Assistant may also have to convert written documentation to digital formats, ready for handover to payroll staff.

Capturing Employee Data and Maintaining Employee Records

The HR Administrative Assistant must ensure that all statutory and company-specific employee data is complete and correct. Filing and organization also form part of this task, ensuring that all stakeholders can find the required documents easily. The HR Administrative Assistant may have to follow-up on any missing information and ensure that employee records reflect all status changes and new hires.

Preparing Payroll Data

Payroll data must be prepared in spreadsheets for the organization’s payroll specialists. The HR Administrative Assistant must exercise diligence, attention to detail, and speed in this task, due to the potential financial consequences of mistakes. This is a routine task, yet one of great importance to the whole organization’s well-being.

Posting Job Ads

The HR Administrative Assistant may be required to post job ads, both internally and externally. These must be checked for accuracy before posting, and the HR Administrative Assistant should monitor responses as they come in and report back to management.

Receiving and Collating Job Applicant Documentation

The HR Administrative Assistant must collate all documentation received from job candidates and check it for completeness before compiling it in dossiers for scrutiny by management. Candidates should also receive confirmation that their documentation has been delivered. In this task, the HR Administrative Assistant is responsible for presenting the organization as a desirable employer.

Setting Up Meetings, Interviews, and Appointments

An HR Administrative Assistant may be tasked with organizing various meetings for senior team members. The HR Administrative Assistant is responsible for ensuring that communication, logistics, and any required extras are set up in advance and that all details are confirmed to all stakeholders.

Organizing Training Activities

An HR Administrative Assistant plays a significant role in ensuring the organization’s training activities run effectively—by ensuring venues, delegates, facilitators, material, resources, and follow-up documentation are all in place.

Answering General HR Queries

The HR Administrative Assistant should be knowledgeable enough about every aspect of the HR function to answer most general inquiries from employees. A good HR Administrative Assistant will log queries and ensure the most common ones can be answered without forwarding them to other team members.

General Office Clerical Tasks

The HR Administrative Assistant may be asked to perform other duties—from printing to arranging business trips and organizing staff functions. Flexibility, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are required from an HR Administrative Assistant at all times.

Roles an HR Administrative Assistant Typically Collaborate With

An HR Administrative Assistant will work closely with the following posts:

Collaborative Roles
HR ManagerHR CoordinatorPayroll Manager
Payroll CoordinatorHR DirectorHuman Resources Project Manager
Senior HR SpecialistHR AnalystHuman Resources Executive

HR Administrative Assistant Salary

The national average salary for an HR Administrative Assistant will typically be between $38,000 and $49,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $43,184.  

What Is the HR Administrative Assistant Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for an HR Administrative Assistant differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$53,980
Seattle, WA$47,218
Denver, CO$43,672
Austin, TX$42,472
Washington, DC$48,073
Milwaukee, WI$42,739
Boston, MA$48,656
New York, NY$51,951

What Is the HR Administrative Assistant Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, an HR Administrative Assistant’s pay will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$40,993
1–4 years$42,308
5–9 years$42,673
10–19 years$42,673
20+ years$42,673

HR Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

We, at [Company Name], are looking for an enthusiastic, conscientious, and diligent HR Administrative Assistant to help ensure our HR department runs seamlessly and efficiently.

You will report to the HR Manager and will support the entire HR team across a broad range of disciplines. You will be responsible for maintaining a smooth workflow in the department and will need to collaborate with departmental colleagues, employees throughout the company, and external partners.

You will need to be reliable, flexible, and comfortable working under pressure. This role is an excellent opportunity to learn a wide range of HR skills, and it may lead to supervisory or specialized work down the road.

The HR Administrative Assistant’s tasks are varied and will typically include:

  • Capturing employee data, work records, and payroll information
  • Preparing payroll reports for management
  • Assisting with recruitment processes
  • Organizing training activities, meetings, and in-house events
  • Answering general HR queries
  • Helping with office clerical tasks

Required Skill Set

The HR Administrative Assistant should possess the following skills, qualifications, and attributes:

  • Diploma in HR
  • At least two years’ experience in an administrative position
  • Experience in common HR Information Systems (SAP, Oracle)
  • Expert computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Ability to multitask
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Enthusiasm and a desire to learn

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