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HR and Administration Manager Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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HR and Administration Manager Job Description

An HR and Administration Manager plans all HR functions and runs the whole HR department in an organization. Their main objective is to ensure all the organization’s administrative tasks are performed correctly and on time.

A Human Resources and Administration Manager’s role encompasses all aspects of HR, including recruitment, payroll, compensation and benefits, and training. It includes administrative areas such as office management, facilities management, and policy development.

Successful HR and Administration Managers are experienced in all HR and Administration disciplines and are excellent generalist managers and leaders.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Director, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Manager, Senior HR Business Partner, Benefits Manager, Hiring Manager

What Does an HR and Administration Manager Typically Do?

A Human Resources and Administration Manager runs the HR and admin teams and is responsible for their performance. The role is pivotal to an organization’s ability to run smoothly and without interruption.

The following responsibilities fall to an HR and Administration Manager:

  1. Planning HR and administration activities
  2. Overseeing recruitment
  3. Managing the payroll function
  4. Developing and ensuring compliance with organization policies and procedures
  5. Running employee relations programs
  6. Overseeing the office management function
  7. Leading the HR department

Strategic HR and Administration Planning

An HR and Administration Manager liaises with senior management to understand the organization’s needs and build strategic plans to address them from an HR and Administration perspective.

The plans must reflect all the organization’s growth expectations and address future staffing, training, and facilities requirements, including how the HR and Admin team will deliver against them.

An HR and Administration Manager must be able to develop an overarching strategy, as well as specific tactics that will enable the organization to grow easily and quickly.

Overseeing the Recruitment Function

The organization’s plans will stipulate the annual recruitment requirements, and an HR and Administration Manager oversees the entire recruitment process.

Depending on the size of the organization, recruitment tasks may either be outsourced to a recruitment agency or handled in-house by specialized recruitment personnel, but an HR and Administration Manager retains the overall responsibility for ensuring that suitable candidates are placed in the right jobs within the agreed-upon timelines.

Managing the Payroll Function

The payroll function will normally be handled by specialist Payroll Administrators, Payroll Clerks, or Payroll Specialists. An HR and Administration Manager oversees each payroll run and ensures it is completed accurately and on time.

They hold the payroll team accountable for the accuracy and timeliness of each payroll run. The payroll team and the HR and Administration Manager should check the process regularly for any recurring or systemic issues and ensure they are rectified before the next run.

Developing and Ensuring Compliance With Organizational Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures required for the organization by law must be in place, known, and understood by all employees.

In addition to making sure the organization’s policies and procedures are fit for purpose and complete, an HR and Administration Manager should also periodically check for legislative changes and new trends and develop new policies.

An HR and Administration Manager is also responsible for taking appropriate action when policies or procedures are breached.

Running Employee Relations Programs

Ensuring a happy, productive, and successful organization is the goal of the HR function. An HR and Administration Manager oversees all employee relations programs, including promotions, performance reviews, disciplinary procedures, and employee representative discussions or negotiations.

An HR and Administration Manager represents senior management and the interests of the organization in all such matters but must ensure that the employees’ voice is heard fairly and equitably.

Overseeing the Office Management Function

The office management function ensures that the organization has enough supplies to continue running without interruption. An HR and Administration Manager manages the supply chain throughout the organization and ensures that departmental requisitions are processed, suppliers managed, and necessities supplied correctly.

HR Team Leadership

The HR and Administration Manager leads and manages the HR and administration teams and stimulates their continuous improvement. Leadership skills and vision are required, as is the ability to manage a diverse team across many disciplines.

Roles an HR and Administration Manager Typically Collaborates With

The following people collaborate with a Human Resources and Admin Manager:

Collaborative Roles
HR DirectorCompensation and Benefits ManagerPayroll Manager
Benefits ManagerHR Development ManagerHR Operations Manager
HR StrategistSenior HR Business PartnerHR Compliance Specialist

HR and Administration Manager Salary

The average earnings for an HR and Administration Manager are between $93,000 and $117,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $104,964.  

What Is the HR and Administration Manager Pay Difference by Location?

The salary for an HR and Administration Manager is affected by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$131,205
Seattle, WA$114,767
Denver, CO$106,150
Austin, TX$103,232
Washington, D.C.$116,846
Milwaukee, WI$103,882
Boston, MA$118,263
New York, NY$126,271

What Is the HR and Administration Manager Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Experience alters an HR and Admin Manager’s salary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$100,603
1-4 years$101,475
5-9 years$103,219
10-19 years$106,268
20+ years$107,200

HR and Administration Manager Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for an experienced and thorough HR and Administration Manager to ensure our operations run smoothly and improve as our company grows.

You will be instrumental in the faultless running of the entire organization and will help us keep our people happy and productive.

All the HR and administrative functions will be under your authority, and you will make sure your team delivers perfect service to the company and its staff.

We are looking for a strategist, a hands-on leader, and an exemplary manager. You will oversee a professional team of specialists and ensure they deliver outstanding results to the company.

HR and Administration Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Planning HR and administration activities annually
  • Setting, monitoring, and achieving HR targets
  • Managing recruitment, onboarding, and exit procedures
  • Overseeing the payroll function
  • Ensuring full compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Managing employee relations
  • Running the office and facilities management functions
  • Leading the HR and administration team

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Management
  • At least ten years’ experience in HR, five of which in a supervisory role
  • Expert business and organizational planning ability
  • Vast experience in team leadership
  • Successful experience in employee relations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strategic thinking ability
  • Proven ability to multitask

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