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HR Onboarding Specialist Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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HR Onboarding Specialist Job Description

An HR Onboarding Specialist helps new hires settle in their new roles and become productive as quickly as possible.

The main point of contact between a new hire and the organization is an HR Onboarding Specialist—from confirmation of employment to the end of the new hire’s first few days.

An HR Onboarding Specialist is one of the first people new hires will meet in the organization and must be friendly, organized, and efficient. The HR Onboarding Specialist role can lead to a more senior role within the HR department.

Similar Job Titles:

Human Resources Associate, HR Generalist, HR Administrator, HR Specialist

What Does an HR Onboarding Specialist Typically Do?

An HR Onboarding Specialist is responsible for all aspects of onboarding new hires—from organizing a workspace and the necessary tools to organizing training, completing paperwork, and ensuring the new hire is bedded in.

The responsibilities of an HR Onboarding Specialist include:

  1. Preparing and distributing policy documents
  2. Contacting new hires before their start date
  3. Putting together onboarding kits
  4. Welcoming and guiding the new hire on the first day
  5. Assisting with company paperwork
  6. Assisting with IT registration
  7. Organizing onboarding training
  8. Collating documentation and reporting to management

Preparing and Distributing Policy Documents

An HR Onboarding Specialist ensures that all company policies and procedures are available, clear, and sent to new hires before they start working in the organization. An HR Onboarding Specialist may have to create policy documents and should make sure they give a strong and consistent first impression of the organization.

Contacting New Hires Before Their Start Date

New hires should be in close contact with an HR Onboarding Specialist well in advance of their start date and should receive administrative details necessary before they begin work. The first-day information must include arrival time, parking allocation, travel options, dress code, and meal arrangements. 

Putting Together Onboarding Kits

An onboarding kit is important to help new hires find their feet as quickly as possible. An HR Onboarding Specialist prepares documents with all the required information and tools for the new hire’s first day. They will have to liaise with IT, security, training, payroll and benefits, and the new hire’s department to ensure everything required is in place. 

Effective HR Onboarding Specialists prepare the onboarding kits carefully to be attractive, clear, and non-intimidating, so the new hire immediately feels welcome and valued.

Welcoming and Guiding the New Hire on the First Day

Greeting and welcoming a new hire on their first day gives a positive first impression of the organization. An HR Onboarding Specialist should give the new hire a tour of the organization, introduce employees that will collaborate with them, and show the new hire to their workspace before handing them over to their manager or supervisor. 

Assisting With Company Paperwork

Filling out the required paperwork can be a daunting task, so an HR Onboarding Specialist assists new hires with all the necessary forms. The paperwork may include employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, benefits scheme enrollment forms, security registrations, and receipts for company equipment. 

The new hire’s supervisor, the Benefits Administrator, the IT department, and the organization’s Security Officer may have to liaise with an HR Onboarding Specialist to prepare all the paperwork in advance.

Assisting With IT Registration

Getting up to speed with the organization’s IT infrastructure as quickly as possible is crucial, so an HR Onboarding Specialist assists in this by showing the new hire which apps to download, how to log in, and how each app functions. The HR Onboarding Specialist may require the help of the IT department in this task but should ensure this is organized in advance.

Organizing Onboarding Training

New hires may require extensive product, technical, or introductory training to be able to function in their role. The HR Onboarding Specialist organizes all necessary training and schedules it to ensure the new hire is trained quickly but without being overloaded with new information.

Collating Documentation and Reporting to Management

An HR Onboarding Specialist collates all the documentation filled in by the new hire and ensures it is captured and filed in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The HR Onboarding Specialist should also prepare a brief report for the management after the new hire’s first week, highlighting observations, issues, and opportunities to improve the onboarding process.

Roles an HR Onboarding Specialist Typically Collaborates With

An HR Onboarding Specialist works with the following positions:

Collaborative Roles
HR ManagerPayroll CoordinatorCompensation and Benefits Manager
Senior HR SpecialistHR CoordinatorHuman Resources Executive
Benefits ManagerBenefits AdministratorHR Generalist

HR Onboarding Specialist Salary

On average, an HR Onboarding Specialist can expect to earn between $37,000 and $73,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $52,730.  

What Is the HR Onboarding Specialist Pay Difference by Location?

An HR Onboarding Specialist’s average salary will differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$75,000
Seattle, WA$57,650
Denver, CO$42,500
Austin, TX$51,860
Washington, D.C.$58,695
Milwaukee, WI$52,180
Boston, MA$59,409
New York, NY$63,432

What Is the HR Onboarding Specialist Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, the salary will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$49,979
1–4 years$53,052
5–9 years$58,711
10–19 years$61,000
20+ years$61,000

HR Onboarding Specialist Job Description Template

[Company] is rapidly expanding, so we’re looking for a dedicated HR Onboarding Specialist to help us welcome new hires into the team and get them settled in as quickly as possible.

You should be experienced in HR matters and be outgoing, friendly, and committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our employees.

You will report to the HR Manager but will need to liaise with people across the entire organization. Success in this role may lead to a more senior HR position in the future.

HR Onboarding Specialist Responsibilities

  • Making sure new hires are ready for their first day
  • Welcoming and accompanying new hires when they join the company
  • Assisting with all required documentation
  • Orienting new hires on company policies, layout, and procedures
  • Shadowing new hires and helping them settle in
  • Reporting to management on onboarding successes and issues

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR
  • At least two years’ experience in an HR role
  • Expert knowledge of HRIS and ATS
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Friendly and outgoing nature
  • Strong teamwork and collaborative skills

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