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HR Representative Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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HR Representative Job Description

The job of an HR Representative is to handle various issues that potential, current, and former employees of a company might have. They provide guidance regarding the organization’s policies and processes. An HR Representative assists the HR department with hiring, training, and administration and makes sure that every action is in line with state, local, and federal employment laws.

HR Representatives perform a variety of administrative tasks and assist higher-ranking roles in the department in establishing operational decisions.

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What Does an HR Representative Generally Do?

The responsibilities of an HR Representative are generally related to the process of hiring and managing new employees. They also perform a variety of administrative tasks. Some of the most common duties of an HR Representative are:

  1. Recruiting and hiring employees
  2. Taking part in the hiring process
  3. Informing the staff about job details
  4. Performing HR administrative tasks

Recruiting Employees

One of the most common duties of an HR Representative is to attract top talent for a company. They perform targeted recruiting, which means that they look for candidates that have specific skills or experience the organization is looking for. HR Representatives often take part in job fairs or visit college campuses where they present the company to potential employees.

Overseeing the Hiring Process

An HR Representative oversees the process of hiring new staff members. They craft job descriptions for the positions that the company needs to fill and post them to various platforms, such as job boards and social media channels. When they receive job applications, their task is to screen them, perform background checks, and check the applicants’ references. 

HR Representatives also assist managers during the interview process. Depending on the organization of the panel, they can be assigned to assist other HR roles or ask some of the questions themselves. They provide the candidates with a follow-up, answering any additional inquiries they might have about the job and the company.

Informing the Staff About Job Details

It’s an HR Representative’s responsibility to make sure that the employees are properly informed about their job roles. They often work alongside managers and make sure that the workers are made aware of their duties, working hours, etc. 

By holding orientation sessions and one-on-one meetings, HR Representatives provide the staff with information on benefits and compensation. They also remind employees about what’s expected of them in the workplace, including behavior and appearance.

Performing HR Administrative Tasks

HR Representatives commonly perform administrative duties for the HR department. This includes keeping records on employees, active vacancies, and job applications. An HR Representative also maintains a company’s human resource policies and programs. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Roles an HR Representative Typically Collaborates With

Depending on the HR department’s structure and policies, an HR Representative commonly collaborates with:

Roles HR Representatives Collaborate With
Hiring ManagerProject ManagerCopywriter
Benefits DirectorContract RecruiterPayroll Analyst
Payroll AdministratorData AnalystRecruiter

HR Representative Salary

In the United States, the average annual salary of an HR Representative is $57,500.

Based on factors such as their skill set, education, and the company they work for, an HR Representative earns between $51,000 and $65,000 on average.

What Is the HR Representative Pay Difference by Location?

Here’s the average annual salary of an HR Representative in some of the most prominent U.S. cities:

Seattle, WA$63,090
Denver, CO$58,290
Austin, TX$56,690
San Francisco, CA$72,090
Milwaukee, WI$57,090
Washington, D.C.$64,190
New York, NY$69,390
Boston, MA$64,990

What Is the HR Representative Pay Difference by Experience?

Let’s take a look at an HR Representative’s average annual salary based on their experience level:

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
< 1 $56,990
1–4 $58,442
10–19 $60,914

HR Rep Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a talented HR Representative to assist our human resources department with recruiting and hiring employees. We’re looking for someone with strong interpersonal and communication skills to guide our new employees through the company’s policies, processes, and work requirements. 

Working at [Company], you will perform different administrative tasks—from keeping employee records to maintaining the company’s HR policies and programs. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the HR department’s activities are in line with government regulations.

The perfect candidate needs to have close attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills.

HR Representative Responsibilities

  • Take part in recruitment events by talking to potential candidates and sharing promotional materials
  • Post job ads to relevant platforms, screen applicants, and participate in interviews
  • Provide new employees with details about their job responsibilities
  • Hold orientation sessions and individual meetings
  • Answer the staff’s inquiries about benefits and compensation
  • Create and maintain records on employees, active vacancies, and job applications
  • Assist with audits and compliance reviews
  • Maintain the department’s policies and programs

HR Representative Requirements

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or another relevant field
  • Previous experience working in the HR department
  • Extensive knowledge of human resource laws and regulations
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills
  • Solid experience with HR tools
  • Previous experience with interview processes

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