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Human Resources Team Leader Job Description
  • Publish: April 15, 2021
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Human Resources Team Leader Job Description

A Human Resources Team Leader runs an operations team within the HR function and is responsible for the team meeting its targets.

The role is supervisory but retains some operational responsibility, meaning that an HR Team Leader should balance completing HR tasks with making sure the team does the same.

An HR Team Leader reports to an HR Coordinator, an HR Specialist, or an HR Manager, and the role provides an opportunity for promotion into any of these roles.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Generalist, Benefits Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator

What Does a Human Resources Team Leader Typically Do?

A Human Resources Team Leader supervises an HR administrative team and coordinates its efforts to ensure all its tasks are completed satisfactorily. At the same time, the role includes responsibility for handling some administrative tasks in its own right.

Depending on the organization, the role’s specific areas of responsibility may include:

  1. Overseeing recruitment processes
  2. Onboarding new hires
  3. Ensuring HR records are maintained
  4. Administering payroll
  5. Setting up and managing the performance review process
  6. Coordinating training activities
  7. Ensuring compliance with organizational policy and procedures

Overseeing Recruitment Processes

Recruitment processes in an organization may involve external agencies or internal resources, and an HR Team Leader ensures the logistics of the process are organized and all stakeholders prepared.

If the recruitment process is run internally, a Human Resources Team Leader may run interviews or delegate the responsibility. Successful HR Team Leaders see such instances as an opportunity for a team member to gain experience.

Onboarding New Hires

New employees should be assisted in becoming productive as quickly as possible, and the HR department must ensure that everything is in place for a smooth start to the new hire’s employment.

Under the supervision of an HR Team Leader, the team organizes workspaces, equipment, company tours, and statutory paperwork to onboard the new hire quickly and efficiently. A Human Resources Team Leader acts as one of the main points of contact for the new hire during the onboarding process.

Ensuring HR Records Are Maintained

The HR team is responsible for the maintenance of HR records in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and an HR Team Leader ensures they are complete, correct, and up to date at all times.

New hires, staff exits, promotions, and all other changes to employees’ information must be captured in the HRIS, and the database should be checked regularly for integrity. An HR Team Leader works with the HR team to improve the speed and accuracy of data capturing and provides regular reports to HR management.

Administering Payroll

Payroll represents a significant cost factor in any organization, and a Human Resources Team Leader is responsible for the accuracy of each payroll run.

The team works together to capture work records, upload overtime data, check leave entitlements and usage, verify benefits contributions, and finalize the payroll roster before handing the data to the finance department for payment.

The task is high-pressure and subject to strict deadlines, so a Human Resources Team Leader leads and supports the team to ensure it is completed on time and accurately.

Setting Up and Managing the Performance Review Process

Performance reviews occur across the whole organization semi-annually or annually and require intense coordination to make sure the process is smooth and the results are captured in the HRIS.

An HR Team Leader allocates tasks and deadlines to each team member and coordinates the entire performance review process. The administrative details are disseminated to all the stakeholders, and an HR Team Leader follows up with supervisors and managers to ensure all the reviews have been completed and the results submitted.

Coordinating Training Activities

Training and development play a large part in the HR function and require coordination, preparation, and organization.

The HR team books trainers and facilities, handles logistics, schedules training dates, and ensures that post-training feedback is collated and captured. An HR Team Leader ensures that all the training-related admin is completed and submits regular reports to the HR Manager and departmental heads.

Ensuring Compliance With Organizational Policy and Procedures

Organizational policy and procedures should be known and understood by all employees, and a Human Resources Team Leader ensures that the HR team publishes and disseminates all the relevant documentation to all staff members.

In the case of non-compliance with organizational policies, an HR Team Leader reports the incident to HR management for further action and may be required to organize corrective or disciplinary action.

Depending on the size and structure of the organization, an HR Team Leader’s exact responsibilities may vary, but the role remains a mixture of supervision and hands-on activity.

Roles a Human Resources Team Leader Typically Collaborates With

A Human Resources Team Leader works together with the following roles:

Collaborative Roles
HR Manager Human Resources Executive Senior HR Specialist
Compensation and Benefits Manager Payroll Coordinator HR Coordinator
Benefits Analyst Benefits Administrator Benefits Manager

Human Resources Team Leader Salary

A Human Resources Team Leader’s earnings fall between $42,000 and $83,000 a year in the U.S. Median salary is $58,375.

What Is the Human Resources Team Leader Pay Difference by Location?

Job location affects a Human Resources Team Leader’s earnings as follows:

City Average Salary
Boston, MA $65,771
New York, NY $70,225
Washington, D.C. $64,984
Austin, TX $57,412
Denver, CO $59,35
San Francisco, CA $72,969
Seattle, WA $63,828
Milwaukee, WI $57,773

What Is the Human Resources Team Leader Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Experience in the job has the following impact on a Human Resources Team Leader’s earnings:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $52,843
1–4 years $54,141
5–9 years $63,098
10–19 years $61,762
20+ years $56,018

Human Resources Team Leader Job Description Template

[Company] is committed to the wellbeing of its employees and requires a dedicated Human Resources Team Leader to ensure our HR function supports this.

The successful candidate will be an HR generalist with charisma and leadership potential and will be responsible for making sure the HR team meets and exceeds its targets.

Human Resources Team Leader Job Responsibilities

Your tasks as a Human Resources Team Leader will include:

  • Leading and supervising the HR team
  • Taking ownership of all HR administrative tasks
  • Identifying opportunities to improve HR performance
  • Collaborating with HR management and specialist HR functions
  • Developing and growing the HR team

Required Skill Set

We are looking for the following qualifications, skills, and behaviors:

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR
  • At least five years’ experience working in an HR capacity
  • Expert knowledge of HR planning
  • Thorough knowledge of common HRIS (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Full understanding of the L&D field
  • Broad experience in benefit scheme administration
  • Proven ability to motivate others to perform

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