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Internal Recruiter Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Internal Recruiter Job Description

An Internal Recruiter works in the HR department of an organization and runs recruitment processes. They are the recruitment engine of the organization, supporting the Hiring Manager or HR Manager, and performing all the tasks pertaining to recruiting.

The Internal Recruiter fulfills similar duties to External Recruiters but adds insider knowledge of the organization, which can be instrumental in finding qualified candidates for the organization’s job vacancies. A good Internal Recruiter can have a significant impact on reducing staff turnover and retaining the best employees.

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What Does an Internal Recruiter Typically Do?

An Internal Recruiter has thorough knowledge of the organization’s structure, understands the required skill set for each role, and applies that knowledge to bring top-performers into the company.

An Internal Recruiter is responsible for:

  1. Assisting HR management to develop an organizational recruitment plan
  2. Liaising with departmental heads to understand job descriptions
  3. Creating and placing job ads to attract applicants
  4. Running interview, assessment, and selection processes
  5. Managing and communicating with applicants
  6. Reporting to HR management on the status of vacancies
  7. Developing and implementing internal referral systems
  8. Representing the organization at recruitment events

Assisting HR Management To Develop an Organizational Recruitment Plan

The Internal Recruiter works closely with HR management to generate an annual recruitment plan for the whole organization. The plan should reflect projected business growth, expected promotions, retirements, and any new business ventures the organization has in the pipeline. 

The position plans the annual recruitment needs by month, the volume of new hires, level of entry, and financial impact. They must ensure the agreed plan is communicated to finance and all affected departmental heads before implementation.

Liaising With Department Heads To Understand Job Descriptions

The Internal Recruiter should work closely with department heads to understand what the job requirements are for each planned hire. The Internal Recruiter can then fine-tune job ads to attract applicants with the right hard and soft skills, aptitude, and personality.

Creating and Placing Job Ads To Attract Applicants

The Internal Recruiter must create job ads in line with the requirements of the respective department, place the ads in the appropriate media, and monitor the ads’ success. The Internal Recruiter should report back to the Hiring Manager on ad reach, views, and applications submitted.

Running Interview, Selection, and Assessment Processes

The Internal Recruiter interviews all applicants to reach a shortlist of candidates who are then invited to further assessments. The assessments may include psychometric evaluations, formal assessment centers, and skills tests. 

After compiling a list of viable candidates, the Internal Recruiter presents it to the Hiring Manager. All of the candidates on the shortlist should meet the Hiring Manager’s criteria and have the potential to be successful in the open position. The Internal Recruiter is responsible for running background and reference checks at this stage.

Managing and Communicating With Applicants

The Internal Recruiter must keep all applicants informed on the status of their application. They should treat all shortlisted candidates with respect and diligence and make sure that information flows freely between them and the organization. The role must behave toward all applicants in a way that presents the organization as a desirable employer.

Reporting to HR Management on the Status of Vacancies

Throughout the hiring cycle, The Internal Recruiter must update Hiring Managers on the progress and status of all open positions. The better this task is performed, the better the HR team can understand what works and plan improvements to future recruitment activities.

Developing and Implementing Internal Referral Systems

The Internal Recruiter should develop internal referral systems to incentivize current employees to bring other top-performers into the organization.

Representing the Organization at Recruitment Events

Depending on the organization’s size and niche, The Internal Recruiter may be required to represent the organization at trade shows, recruitment fairs, and industry events. Their goal is to build a strong network and entice good candidates to apply for jobs.

Roles an Internal Recruiter Typically Collaborates With

 An Internal Recruiter will work closely with the following posts:

Collaborative Roles
HR ManagerHuman Resources ExecutiveCompensation and Benefits Manager
Benefits ManagerSenior HR SpecialistHR Coordinator
Hiring ManagerCorporate RecruiterRecruiting Consultant

Internal Recruiter Salary

The national average salary for an Internal Recruiter will typically be between $42,000 and $56,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $48,408.  

What Is the Internal Recruiter Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for an Internal Recruiter differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$60,510
Seattle, WA$52,929
Denver, CO$48,955
Austin, TX$47,609
Washington, DC$53,888
Milwaukee, WI$47,909
Boston, MA$54,541
New York, NY$58,235

What Is the Internal Recruiter Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, pay will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$47,232
1–4 years$50,729
5–9 years$51,309
10–19 years$51,309
20+ years$51,309

Internal Recruiter Job Description Template

[Company Name] is widely recognized as a gold-standard employer. We are looking to hire a dynamic, driven, and dedicated Internal Recruiter to make sure we continue to attract the best possible candidates.

Your job will be to match faces to spaces at [Company Name]. You will run the end-to-end recruitment process for all our vacancies and will be pivotal in helping us ensure we have a team of top-performers that will enable us to scale and reach goals reliably and consistently.

You will report to senior management and will be expected to work independently with all levels of our company.

Internal Recruiter Job Responsibilities

  • Planning all recruitment drives
  • Working across the company to understand the exact nature of each vacancy
  • Running effective and efficient recruitment processes
  • Growing the number of internal referrals
  • Representing [Company Name] at external events

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR
  • At least five years’ experience in recruitment, ideally in a corporate environment
  • Expert knowledge of recruitment practices, assessments, and evaluations
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Solid knowledge of applicant tracking and recruitment software
  • Industry-specific knowledge is preferred but not required
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Solid understanding of labor legislation
  • Excellent analytical and decision-making skills

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