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Junior Recruiter Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Junior Recruiter Job Description

A Junior Recruiter assists in the recruitment of suitable candidates for job vacancies. The role is an entry point into the recruitment industry, and a Junior Recruiter typically works in an agency or a larger organization’s recruitment department.

Successful Junior Recruiters go on to become Recruiters, Senior Recruiters, or Recruiters specialized in a particular field such as sales or healthcare.

Similar Job Titles:

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What Does a Junior Recruiter Typically Do?

The Junior Recruiter assists with all the processes of finding, interviewing, and selecting candidates. A Junior Recruiter will often work in collaboration with a more senior colleague but will be expected to perform all assigned tasks under supervision.

A Junior Recruiter’s role consists of:

  1. Creating and placing job ads to attract applicants
  2. Receiving applications, screening candidates, and collating applicant documentation
  3. Assisting with the interview, assessment, and selection processes
  4. Conducting reference and background checks
  5. Attending briefings with HR management on shortlisted candidates
  6. Communicating with applicants
  7. Assisting with monitoring and reporting on successful placements
  8. Selling and marketing

Creating and Placing Job Ads To Attract Candidates

A Junior Recruiter creates and places job ads on all relevant platforms to attract qualified candidates. They receive a brief from a more senior colleague who deals with the client and must understand the brief, create an ad encapsulating the hiring organization’s requirements, and place it on job boards, social media, and appropriate publications.

Receiving Applications, Screening Candidates, and Collating Applicant Documentation

All incoming applications come to a Junior Recruiter who performs an initial screening to filter out non-viable candidates. The screening process will reject incomplete applications and applications from candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for the job in question. 

A Junior Recruiter collates all the remaining applicant documentation for handover to a more senior colleague. Sending standard rejection notifications may also be delegated to a Junior Recruiter.

Assisting With Interview, Assessment, and Selection Processes

Senior colleagues will rely on a Junior Recruiter to assist with interviewing and assessing candidates and give input into the selection of a shortlist. A Junior Recruiter will be given more responsibility over time and will start to conduct interviews and assessments independently.

Conducting Reference and Background Checks

A Junior Recruiter performs background and reference checks on shortlisted candidates. Background checks include police clearances and credit record checks, while reference checks involve contacting candidates’ referees either telephonically or by email. This role is responsible for all the checks being performed satisfactorily and for all the responses being documented in the candidates’ files.

Attending Briefings With HR Management on Shortlisted Candidates

Senior colleagues will often invite a Junior Recruiter to accompany them to brief the hiring organization’s HR Manager on the shortlist of candidates. A Junior Recruiter should provide background information and comment when required.

Communicating With Applicants

Shortlisted candidates need feedback on the status of their applications, and a Junior Recruiter maintains regular contact with them to update them or to gather more information. A Junior Recruiter must learn to handle sensitive or private information with discretion and must avoid divulging proprietary information to the candidates.

Assisting With Monitoring and Reporting on Successful Placements

Senior Recruiters and Junior Recruiters will collaborate to check up on candidates who have been successfully hired as well as the organizations that hired them. A Junior Recruiter is also involved in compiling any required reports for the hiring organization.

Selling and Marketing

Sales and marketing are the key to maintaining a steady flow of new work in an agency. A Junior Recruiter must be involved in selling and marketing the agency’s services, including cold-calling prospective clients, performing research to generate leads, and assisting with marketing activities. These tasks are an opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for long-term success in recruitment.

Roles a Junior Recruiter Typically Collaborates With

A Junior Recruiter works with the following positions:

Collaborative Roles
HR ManagerHuman Resources ExecutiveCompensation and Benefits Manager
Benefits ManagerSenior HR SpecialistHR Coordinator

Junior Recruiter Salary

On average, a Junior Recruiter can expect to earn between $34,000 and $42,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $33,672.  

What Is the Junior Recruiter Pay Difference by Location?

A Junior Recruiter’s average salary will differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$47,226
Seattle, WA$41,310
Denver, CO$38,208
Austin, TX$37,158
Washington, D.C.$42,058
Milwaukee, WI$37,391
Boston, MA$42,568
New York, NY$45,450

What Is the Junior Recruiter Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, the salary will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$37,474
1–4 years$38,540
5–9 years$38,540
10–19 years$38,540
20+ years$38,540

Junior Recruiter Job Description Template

[Company] is a highly successful recruitment agency with a growing roster of high-profile clients. We are looking to expand our team by hiring an ambitious Junior Recruiter.

You should be excited by the world of recruitment and see yourself building a career in the industry.

You will join a dynamic team of professionals and will initially work under the supervision of a senior colleague. As you gain experience, you will be given more autonomy to run projects independently.

Junior Recruiter Responsibilities

  • Working with senior colleagues to deliver against client expectations
  • Creating and posting job ads
  • Receiving and handling applications
  • Assisting with interview and assessment processes
  • Supporting senior colleagues in placing candidates
  • Selling and marketing [Company] services


  • Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business, or Accounting
  • At least two years’ experience in a recruitment role
  • Basic knowledge of HRIS and ATS
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Minute attention to detail
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Complete comfort with demanding targets
  • Strong teamwork and collaborative skills

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