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Marketing Assistant Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Marketing Assistant Job Description

A Marketing Assistant supports the work of the Marketing Manager and the marketing department. They analyze data, help with the production and delivery of marketing material, assist with events, and generally provide administrative backup to facilitate the smooth delivery of marketing output.

The Marketing Assistant executes many of the day-to-day tasks of the marketing department and is responsible for the delivery of the strategies and tactics decided by the management.

Coordinating diverse activities simultaneously, the Marketing Assistant must be organized, dedicated, and able to multitask.

A successful Marketing Assistant is the engine of the marketing department. The role is primarily entry-level, but it is an excellent training ground to learn a broad range of marketing functions and grasp how marketing strategy is translated into action. 

What Does a Marketing Assistant Typically Do?

A Marketing Assistant carries out all the day-to-day tasks in the marketing department. Depending on the organization, these could be wide-ranging but typically include:

  1. Running and coordinating market research
  2. Commissioning, developing, and producing marketing material
  3. Assisting with marketing campaigns
  4. Assisting with social media content and publishing
  5. Organizing campaigns, events, and activities
  6. Attending events
  7. Collating marketing data and preparing reports

Running and Coordinating Market Research

A Marketing Assistant conducts market research personally or by liaising with external agencies to ensure that all the relevant data is collected on time and as specified. The Marketing Assistant is the face of the organization when conducting personal market research and must ensure the organization is represented in a professional manner.

Commissioning, Developing, and Producing Marketing Material

The Marketing Assistant briefs and works with external agencies but may also need to create marketing material, including the copy and visuals. The marketing material must be signed off by respective Brand Managers, Product Managers, or Marketing Executives. 

Assisting With Marketing Campaigns

The Marketing Assistant helps with the implementation of marketing campaigns, initiatives, and activities. This is a very broad-based area of responsibility and is organization-dependent but may include printing material, delivering material, working out cost-benefits, setting promotion targets, and monitoring promotion results in real-time. The Marketing Assistant’s work is pivotal in ensuring the smooth running of marketing campaigns.

Assisting With Social Media Content and Publishing

The Marketing Assistant often schedules and posts content on the company’s or clients’ social media profiles. This may involve writing copy for advertisements and social media posts. 

All posts and advertisements must conform to organization guidelines and must be engaging enough to attract views, likes, and clicks. The Marketing Assistant will initially have to submit any content for review but will gradually work more autonomously. 

Organizing Campaigns, Events, and Activities

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for the smooth organization, verification, and evaluation of all aspects of any campaign, event, or activity to ensure a smooth delivery. This is a key responsibility for a Marketing Assistant as failure can derail crucial marketing activities. The Marketing Assistant must be detailed, diligent, and exact in this task.

Attending Events

A Marketing Assistant will often be required to attend events in a support capacity. The Marketing Assistant will be expected to help with set-up,  greet delegates or guests, engage with attendees, and answer any questions asked. Attending such events presents an excellent opportunity to perform ad hoc research on outsiders’ views of the organization. 

Collating Marketing Data and Preparing Reports

The Marketing Assistant monitors the performance of marketing campaigns and activities and compiles the data into insightful reports that enable management to make strategic and tactical decisions. Speed, accuracy, and completeness are paramount in this function. 

This task often involves checking the data for any anomalies and flagging these to management. Over time, a Marketing Assistant can become a valuable extra analysis resource for the marketing department.

Marketing Assistant Salary

A Marketing Assistant will typically receive a salary between $32,000 and $54,000 per annum in the U.S. The median is around $43,326.

What Is the Marketing Assistant Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for a Marketing Assistant differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$54,158
Seattle, WA$47,373
Denver, CO$43,816
Austin, TX$42,612
Washington, DC$48,231
Milwaukee, WI$42,880
Boston, MA$48,816
New York, NY$52,122

What Is the Marketing Assistant Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, a Marketing Assistant’s pay will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$42,889
1–4 years$44,353
5–9 years$44,353
10–19 years$44,353
20+ years$44,353

Marketing Assistant Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a dedicated, conscientious, and driven Marketing Assistant to support our Marketing Department.

As a Marketing Assistant with [Company Name], you will be responsible for ensuring that the department runs smoothly and delivers against targets.

Reporting to the Marketing Manager, you will be working in a team on a wide range of exciting, challenging tasks. You will need to be flexible, organized, efficient, and committed to quality.

As an entry-level position, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the complete range of marketing skills in a hands-on and exciting environment.


  • Running market research projects and ensuring delivery of relevant data
  • Producing brochures, flyers, and sales-support material
  • Assisting with social media and PR content writing and publication
  • Helping run marketing campaigns and activities
  • Managing the marketing library
  • Attending company events
  • Collating data and preparing reports for management

Required Skill Set

  • Recognized diploma in Marketing; Bachelor’s degree is an advantage
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Commitment to accuracy and a focus on detail
  • Skill in project planning, setting timelines, and monitoring progress
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines
  • Proven ability to achieve results
  • Comfort in dealing with multiple internal and external stakeholders

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