Marketing Director Job Description
Marketing Director Job Description A Marketing Director oversees the entire marketing function in an organization and is responsible for its public presence. This is a senior role, highly strategic in…
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Marketing Director Job Description

A Marketing Director oversees the entire marketing function in an organization and is responsible for its public presence. This is a senior role, highly strategic in nature.

The Marketing Director will typically lead a team of subordinates responsible for individual brands, products, or divisions and will be expected to coordinate the team’s activities into a cohesive organization-wide marketing strategy.

The role is both internal and external.

Externally, the Marketing Director will analyze the market, understand global trends, and be able to plan the organization’s holistic marketing presence.

Internally, the Marketing Director will organize, lead, and coach the team to understand market insights and translate them into individual plans for each brand, product, or division. They will then collate everything into an umbrella plan for the whole organization and ensure the team delivers against agreed targets.

What Does a Marketing Director Typically Do?

A Marketing Director leads, directs, and drives the entire marketing function and is responsible for global planning and target achievement of the organization. All key stakeholders within the organization should understand the global marketing strategy, buy into it, and a Marketing Director ensures that this is the case.

The role may include coordinating diverse brands, products, or divisions into a cohesive, unified whole. The specific tasks will include:

  1. Overall market analysis
  2. Competitor analysis and strategic insight
  3. Results analysis
  4. Budget control and management
  5. Team management and development

Overall Market Analysis

Understanding the organization’s relationship with the marketplace is crucial to developing a cohesive and effective marketing plan. A Marketing Director looks at market size, demographics, spending preferences, shopping habits, and all other available market data to fine-tune the organization’s positioning. In addition, a Marketing Director looks at market trends to help determine what course of action will deliver success for the organization in the medium to long term.

Competitor Analysis & Strategic Planning

Understanding competitor positioning and activity is key to ensuring the organization is seen as being unique. A Marketing Director uses networking, forums, thought-leader groups, and other opinion-driving bodies to understand competitor strategy and industry best practices.

As a result of competitor analysis, a Marketing Director should determine the future direction of the brand and come up with strategies that will help the organization maintain a leadership position in the marketplace.

Results Analysis

A Marketing Director is responsible for the Marketing team achieving its targets across the entire portfolio. In addition to ongoing analysis of existing marketing metrics, a Marketing Director analyzes the reports to understand the impact of the organization’s marketing activities and initiate corrective action where required.

Budget Setting, Control, and Management

The Marketing Director will set marketing budgets and ensure that all activities stay within these constraints and that the marketing spend truly delivers incremental profit. The Marketing Director will own the budgeting process annually.

Team Management and Development

The Marketing team requires continual direction, training, coaching, and mentoring to guarantee peak performance. A Marketing Director requires expert leadership and management skills to direct, support, and develop the marketing staff and should foster a spirit of continual improvement within the team.

Marketing Director Salary

The national average salary for a Marketing Director will typically be between $106,000 and $193,000 per annum in the U.S.The median is around $145,854.

What Is the Marketing Director Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for a Marketing Director differ by location as follows:

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $182,317
Seattle, WA $159,477
Denver, CO $147,502
Austin, TX $143,447
Washington, DC $162,365
Milwaukee, WI $144,350
Boston, MA $164,334
New York, NY $175,462

What Is the Marketing Director Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, pay will vary as follows:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $138,924
1–4 years $138,924
5–9 years $141,129
10–19 years $147,678
20+ years $150,231

Marketing Director Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking to hire an experienced, globally-oriented, and strategic Marketing Director to lead our marketing team, provide direction for the organization and its entire portfolio, and drive future growth.

As the Marketing Director with [Company Name], you will be at the center of the strategic direction of the organization’s marketing function. You will think and act holistically, develop a coherent marketing strategy, oversee its implementation, and ensure your team delivers a measurable benefit to the whole organization.

Working alongside our [insert relevant departments here] teams, you will be responsible for increasing sales revenue and profit through marketing activities.

Marketing Director Responsibilities

As Marketing Director, you will be expected to:

  • Improve the company’s knowledge of marketplace dynamics through global research
  • Develop strategies to maximize current marketing performance
  • Create the annual global marketing plan, including targets, specific strategies for reaching those targets, and budgets
  • Ensure marketing spend delivers a healthy and sustainable ROI
  • Lead, inspire, and empower the marketing team to be best-in-class and achieve excellent results
  • Produce regular marketing reports for the Board of Directors
  • Be actively involved in the industry as a recognized thought-leader and influencer
  • Create the vision, future perspective, and direction for the entire organization

Required Skill Set

The Marketing Director should bring the following qualifications and attributes:

  • Recognized tertiary qualification in Marketing
  • At least three years experience in a Marketing Management position
  • Proven expertise in analysis and planning
  • Excellent communications skills on all levels
  • High-level financial accountability and an ability to maximize ROI
  • Global strategic thinking combined with hands-on experience
  • Excellent team leadership, people development, and interpersonal skills

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