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Marketing Specialist Job Description
  • Publish: April 17, 2021
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Marketing Specialist Job Description

A Marketing Specialist executes a range of marketing activities of a brand, product, or company, focusing on the day-to-day tactical planning and implementation of the marketing strategy. This includes market research, analyzing and understanding trends, planning initiatives, and monitoring marketing performance.

It’s imperative for a Marketing Specialist to understand the target audience’s problems, wants, and needs and ensure they are reflected in activities, campaigns, and initiatives that drive sales.

A successful Marketing Specialist combines analytical skill with an ability to synthesize action from the data collected and must be able to work with a high degree of autonomy.

What Does a Marketing Specialist Typically Do?

A Marketing Specialist analyses the marketplace and creates initiatives, promotions, and campaigns to drive sales of the product or service. They will use a thorough analysis of every aspect of customer and consumer behavior to plan and execute activities that close gaps and harness opportunities.

Marketing Specialist’s tasks typically include:

  1. Customer and consumer analysis
  2. Initiative planning
  3. Initiative implementation
  4. Results analysis
  5. Forward planning

Customer and Consumer Analysis

A Marketing Specialist must analyze customer data collected through marketing activities and use the information to create an ideal customer persona. The persona is a depiction of an ideal customer, with demographics, interests, and purchasing habits. It helps the marketing department determine the angle, voice, tone, and message for their marketing efforts that the target audience will respond to the best.

Initiative Planning

The success of a marketing campaign largely hinges on research, planning, and proper implementation of marketing strategies. A Marketing Specialist plans marketing activities, campaigns, and initiatives based on the insights gained from thorough market research.

The plan will often include decisions on targets, platform, mechanics, and measurement metrics to track success.

Implementing Initiatives

The Marketing Specialist is responsible for rolling out initiatives, campaigns, and promotions. The elements include presentation, POS (Point of Sale) material, and training of stakeholders and junior marketing staff. Once the preparations have been completed, a Marketing Specialist coordinates launch events and follow-ups and organizes ongoing meetings to track progress.

Analyzing Results

The Marketing Specialist must track results during and after each initiative. The tracking should use closed-loop analysis, feedback-loop analysis, and cross-referencing against global sales, marketing, and finance metrics. This helps ensure that marketing activities achieve the target while remaining cost-effective.

Forward Planning

Based on the collated results from each marketing activity, a Marketing Specialist will determine which activities have worked well and will build this intelligence into plans for future campaigns.

This ensures that lessons are learned from each campaign and that a Marketing Specialist fosters continual improvement.

Marketing Specialist Salary

The national average salary for a Marketing Specialist will typically be between $51,000 and $90,000 per annum in the U.S. The median is around $70,487.

What Is the Marketing Specialist Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for a Marketing Specialist differ by location as follows:

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $88,109
Seattle, WA $77,070
Denver, CO $71,283
Austin, TX $69,324
Washington, DC $78,466
Milwaukee, WI $69,760
Boston, MA $79,418
New York, NY $84,796

What Is the Marketing Specialist Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, a Marketing Specialist’s pay will vary as follows:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $67,096
1–4 years $71,260
5–9 years $74,350
10–19 years $74,350
20+ years $74,350

Marketing Specialist Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for an experienced, analytical, and talented Marketing Specialist to join our team and enhance the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.

As a Marketing Specialist with [Company Name], your input will be vital to understanding the market, planning and running data-driven marketing initiatives, and boosting sales through social media and paid advertising campaigns.

Reporting to management, you will need to work with a high degree of autonomy to gain market insight, develop and implement activities, and report on the results achieved. You will play a major role in ensuring that our organization’s marketing activities are based on insight and deliver a substantial return on investment.


  • Conducting in-depth ongoing market research to understand marketplace dynamics
  • Analyzing all aspects of customer and consumer behavior, demographics, lifestyle, and habits to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Developing relevant initiatives and implementing them to address the gaps and leverage opportunities
  • Tracking the performance of all marketing activities to ensure agreed targets are met
  • Monitoring the medium- and long-term effect of all activities using closed-loop and feedback-loop analysis techniques
  • Involvement in ongoing review and planning cycles to ensure successful activities are replicated

Required Skill Set

  • Recognized tertiary qualification in Marketing
  • 2+ years’ experience in a Marketing position
  • Market research expertise
  • Expert knowledge of traditional and cutting-edge marketing techniques and tools
  • Experience in running promotions, initiatives, and marketing campaigns
  • Strong analytical skills and a data-driven mindset
  • Ability to synthesize macro data into micro-actions
  • Strong communication skills to brief management, colleagues, implementers, and external agencies

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