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Programmer Analyst Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Programmer Analyst Job Description

A Programmer Analyst is an IT team member who develops apps and databases to support an organization’s business processes.

The role is part consultant, part programmer, and part business analyst, and is essential to helping businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.

What Does a Programmer Analyst Typically Do?

A Programmer Analyst identifies business needs, creates and runs software development projects, and rolls out applications to facilitate the smooth running of an organization.

The role’s responsibilities include:

  1. Liaising with staff to ascertain business needs
  2. Creating app development projects
  3. Coding and developing apps
  4. Testing and rolling out apps
  5. Providing training and documentation for apps
  6. Monitoring app performance and fixing bugs
  7. Providing help desk support
  8. Maintaining hardware and software to ensure business continuity

Liaising With Staff To Ascertain Business Needs

In consultation with employees across the organization, a Programmer Analyst finds ways in which their jobs could be made easier through technology.

Business needs can be wide-ranging and encompass all the departments in an organization, so a Programmer Analyst needs to understand business processes across a range of disciplines.

Creating App Development Projects

Once the business need and potential solution have been ascertained, a Programmer Analyst plans a development project. The plan incorporates the following elements:

  • Project charter (who owns the project and what the outcome should be)
  • Scope of work
  • Deliverables
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Anticipated costs and budget
  • Success metrics

The completed project plan is presented to the eventual beneficiaries of the project for approval and sign-off.

Coding and Developing Apps

As an expert coder, a Programmer Analyst develops the solution according to the app development project and within the framework of the organization’s existing architecture.

As the app under development should make business processes more efficient, a Programmer Analyst concentrates on simplicity, stability, and ease of use while coding it. Experienced Programmer Analysts seek regular feedback from the beneficiaries during development to ensure they are happy with the design and functionality of the app.

Testing and Rolling Out Apps

A newly-developed app requires thorough testing to ensure it works as specified and is compatible with the organization’s existing architecture.

The testing process encompasses bench testing under normal conditions, crash testing (testing the app to destruction to determine its limits), and finally, field testing with volunteers from the eventual beneficiaries.

Each testing process yields opportunities for improvement that a Programmer Analyst codes into the app before further testing.

Once it has passed all the testing phases, the app is cleared and scheduled for release into the organization’s systems.

Providing Training and Documentation for Apps

Before an app can be launched, a Programmer Analyst develops training material and manuals for the eventual users, making sure that the material is clear, complete, and easy to use.

If required, a Programmer Analyst liaises with the HR department to arrange training courses for the users. This task demands solid training and facilitation skills to ensure that the users understand all the app’s functions.

Monitoring App Performance and Fixing Bugs

During its initial rollout, an app may have bugs, issues, or glitches. Additionally, users may discover that the app does not behave as expected or required.

Many of these issues can be avoided during the planning stage and are dependent on a Programmer Analyst’s initial understanding of the business process. New apps usually require some degree of fine-tuning after rollout.

A Programmer Analyst is responsible for fixing all the glitches and bugs as soon as possible after rollout.

Providing Help Desk Support

Depending on the size and scope of the app, a Programmer Analyst integrates it into existing helpdesk services or sets up a new helpdesk specifically for the app.

The helpdesk must be available around the clock and able to solve the majority of issues quickly. A Programmer Analyst is responsible for training the helpdesk operators and making sure they are kept up to date on any fixes, patches, or improvements to an app.

Maintaining Hardware and Software To Ensure Business Continuity

New apps place additional strain on an organization’s IT architecture, so a Programmer Analyst ensures that systems are maintained and kept as stable as possible.

Programmer Analyst Salary

A Programmer Analyst’s earnings will typically fall between $49,000 and $95,000 a year in the U.S. The median is $66,968.

What Is the Programmer Analyst Pay Difference by Location?

A Programmer Analyst’s location will have the following effect on earnings:

CityAverage Salary
Austin, TX$69,440
Boston, MA$68,166
Denver, CO$72,414
Seattle, WA$87,254
Washington, D.C.$71,376
Milwaukee, WI$65,259
New York, NY$85,942
San Francisco, CA$87,269

What Is the Programmer Analyst Pay Difference by Experience Level?

A Programmer Analyst’s experience influences earnings as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$56,378
1–4 years$61,646
5–9 years$71,141
10–19 years$76,941
20+ years$79,874

Programmer Analyst Job Description Template

[Company] is always trying to improve our business processes by driving efficiency and productivity. We are looking for an experienced Programmer Analyst to develop apps and systems that will deliver measurable improvement to our processes.

As an expert in app development, you will be responsible for providing solutions that meet our business needs and enhance our ability to be competitive.

You will be joining a driven and professional IT team who are all committed to the company’s success, and your contribution will be pivotal to the future of our organization.

Programmer Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Understanding business needs throughout the organization
  • Developing apps quickly and efficiently to address business gaps
  • Testing, rolling out, and monitoring apps
  • Maintaining system integrity and prolonging hardware and software lifespans

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in Programming, IT, or Computing
  • At least two years’ experience in an IT development role
  • Vast experience with common architectural platforms
  • Thorough knowledge of major programming languages (C, Java, and similar)
  • Extensive hardware experience (both old and new)
  • Total commitment to quality
  • Solid understanding of business processes
  • Strong problem-solving and business analysis skills
  • Excellent communication ability

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