Public Relations Manager Job Description
Public Relations Manager Job Description A Public Relations (PR) Manager manages and improves an organization’s public image and ensures that the organization is recognized and reputable. The responsibilities of the…
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Public Relations Manager Job Description

A Public Relations (PR) Manager manages and improves an organization’s public image and ensures that the organization is recognized and reputable.

The responsibilities of the role are diverse and involve planning, strategizing, implementing, and leading PR activities as well as assisting the marketing department in building awareness for the organization or its brands.

A PR Manager may be an internal position or an external resource, either in an agency or as a freelancer.

What Does a Public Relations Manager Typically Do?

A Public Relations Manager plans and implements PR activities, manages client or customer relations, represents the organization externally, and safeguards the reputation of the organization.

The job involves:

  1. Writing a marketing communications plan
  2. Generating and implementing a media plan
  3. Coordinating all PR activities
  4. Maintaining and cultivating media contacts
  5. Developing partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising collaborations
  6. Monitoring and reporting on PR performance
  7. Evaluating industry and business trends to determine impact or opportunities

Writing a Marketing Communications Plan

Together with the marketing department, a Public Relations Manager develops a communications plan that supports the organization’s marketing plans.

The plan may include communications activities linked to specific marketing initiatives throughout the year but also focuses on building brand awareness. The marketing department sets awareness improvement targets against the organization’s current top-of-mind, unaided, aided, and total awareness scores, and a PR Manager plans activities that generate measurable improvement.

As part of the marketing communications plan, a Public Relations Manager creates PR guidelines for the organization, which define what is permissible as PR collateral. The guidelines must be enforced strictly to avoid mixed messages leaking into the public domain.

Generating and Implementing a Media Plan

An organization benefits from constant positive media exposure, and a Public Relations Manager plans activities that will generate media interest and engagement throughout the year.

The plan aims to achieve regular high-profile placements in print, digital, and broadcast media. A PR Manager includes stories and message tracks as well as target media and timelines in the plan and ensures it is aligned with any planned marketing or sales initiatives.

Coordinating All PR Activities

An organization must be consistent in its public presence, so a PR Manager checks every activity for adherence to the organization’s PR guidelines before it is implemented.

This task requires thoroughness and authority to ensure that nobody in the organization acts without the PR department’s consent. A PR Manager may have to use authority and rigorous sign-off protocols to guarantee compliance with the PR guidelines.

Deconfliction, or the deliberate timing of PR activities to avoid clashes and conflicts, is also important to maximize the impact of each activity. A PR Manager exercises strict control over everything that the public sees.

Maintaining and Cultivating Media Contacts

Journalists, influencers, and industry reporters are all pivotal to an organization’s PR efforts being successful. A Public Relations Manager maintains regular contact with trusted media representatives and aims to grow a network of friendly contacts.

Successful Public Relations Managers are aware of journalists’ need for exciting stories and can feed material to them that will boost their audience. A PR Manager uses media proactively and to the organization’s advantage.

When handling negative stories or adverse publicity, a Public Relations Manager’s network of media contacts can help manage the story positively and avoid reputational damage to the organization.

Developing Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Advertising Collaborations

With the input of the marketing department, a PR Manager looks for opportunities to partner with brands, companies, or individuals that espouse the same values and can enhance the organization’s image by association.

Having identified an opportunity, a Public Relations Manager approaches the individual or company and proposes collaboration, negotiates the cost-share deal, and implements the rollout of the partnership.

A PR Manager monitors the PR performance of the partnership throughout its lifecycle and looks for enhancements, further opportunities, or additional value elements where possible.

Monitoring and Reporting on PR Performance

PR performance metrics are a mixture of empirical data and perception monitoring, and a Public Relations Manager develops methods to track both.

Empirical data may be garnered from web analytics, readership statistics, and social media feedback, but a PR Manager also instigates regular market perception surveys to gauge the public image of the organization.

All the data is collected and consolidated into a quarterly or semi-annual PR report for senior management, including data analysis, opportunities for improvement, and corrective action plans.

Evaluating Industry and Business Trends To Determine Impact or Opportunities

Industry-specific developments, business trends, or even global events—such as pandemics—affect an organization, and its reaction can provide useful PR material.

A Public Relations Manager monitors all such news and formulates plans to use them as PR leverage for the organization.

Public Relations Manager Salary

A Public Relations Manager’s salary in the U.S. generally lies between $97,000 and $127,000 a year, with the median being $111,046.

What Is the Public Relations Manager Pay Difference by Location?

A Public Relations Manager’s pay will be affected by location as follows:

City Average Salary
Austin, TX $109,214
Boston, MA $125,115
Washington, D.C. $123,616
Seattle, WA $121,418
San Francisco, CA $138,807
Denver, CO $112,301
New York, NY $133,588
Milwaukee, WI $109,901

What Is the Public Relations Manager Pay Difference by Experience Level?

A PR Manager’s experience has the following effect on earnings:

Experience Level Average Salary
< 1 year $105,891
1–4 years $106,922
5–9 years $108,984
10–19 years $112,765
20+ years $113,992

Public Relations Manager Job Description Template

[Company] is a household name in our industry and sees the opportunity to improve awareness and enhance the organization’s public image through targeted PR. We are looking to hire a dynamic and powerful PR Manager to help us achieve this goal.

You must be an expert PR strategist with a wide circle of media contacts and a flair for getting positive media coverage.

Working in close conjunction with our marketing team, you will be responsible for our entire public presence

Public Relations Manager Job Responsibilities

Your job as a Public Relations Manager will involve:

  • Planning and coordinating all our PR activities
  • Aligning all our messages with the marketing department
  • Cultivating strong and beneficial relationships with journalists, influencers, and similar
  • Increasing the measured awareness of our company
  • Reporting regularly to management

Required Skill Set

We require the following qualifications and attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in PR, Journalism, or English
  • At least five years’ experience in Public Relations
  • Strong PR planning ability
  • Professional writing and communication skills
  • A wide network of media contacts
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking skills
  • Fully professional demeanor
  • Outgoing and friendly personality

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