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Recruiting Internship Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Recruiting Internship Job Description

A Recruiting Intern assists recruiters in all administrative aspects of their job. Typical Recruiting Interns are recent graduates interested in learning the full range of recruitment disciplines, and they are often tasked with the vital groundwork necessary for successful recruitment.

A Recruiting Intern must be enthusiastic, willing to learn, and committed to excellence. Although many tasks a Recruiting Intern has to perform are routine and process-oriented, a successful Recruiting Intern will learn all the requisite skills for growth into a full recruiting role.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Specialist, HR Intern, HR Generalist, HR Assistant, Internal Recruiter, Healthcare Recruiter

What Does a Recruiting Intern Typically Do?

A Recruiting Intern supports the recruiting team by ensuring that all the clerical duties required are performed timeously and correctly. This will include the following tasks:

  1. Posting job ads
  2. Handling incoming applications and collating received documentation
  3. Organizing interview appointments
  4. Minuting interviews, meetings, and discussions
  5. Maintaining ongoing contact with candidates
  6. Organizing or conducting reference checks
  7. Preparing regular reports on ongoing recruitment activities
  8. Attending recruitment fairs, symposia, and other events
  9. Assisting with outbound or proactive searches
  10. Assisting with general office admin

Posting Job Ads

A Recruiting Intern must ensure that all job postings are checked for accuracy, conform to CI requirements, and are posted timeously on all relevant platforms.

Handling Incoming Applications and Collating Received Documentation

A Recruiting Intern receives and collates all incoming applications, both physical and digital, and must ensure that candidate documentation is filed for completeness and ease of access.

Organizing Interview Appointments

The Recruiting Intern has to arrange appointments with candidates, and follow-up with reminders, as required.

Minuting Interviews, Meetings, and Discussions

The Recruiting Intern must minute all meetings, discussions, and even informal sessions, as well as collate the minutes and file them for later reference.

Maintaining Ongoing Contact With Candidates

A Recruiting Intern should maintain regular contact with all candidates, providing updates, requesting further information, and giving feedback.

Organizing or Conducting Reference Checks

A Recruiting Intern may be asked to check references provided by candidates either telephonically or via email. The Recruiting Intern must file the responses correctly and inform the relevant recruiter.

Preparing Regular Reports on Ongoing Recruitment Activities

Regular progress reports and updates must be prepared and disseminated to recruiters, and the Recruiting Intern is responsible for their accuracy, completeness, and timely delivery.

Attending Recruitment Fairs, Symposia, and Other Events

A Recruiting Intern may be asked to attend events as a junior representative of the organization.

Assisting With Outbound or Proactive Searches

A Recruiting Intern must assist with proactive searches, including sector searches, potential candidate identification, or social media profile searches.

Assisting With General Office Admin

Recruiting Intern’s daily activities may include routine office tasks such as switchboard manning, reception duty, or clerical tasks.

Roles a Recruiting Intern Typically Collaborates With

A Recruiting Intern will work closely with the following posts:

Collaborative Roles
RecruiterStartup RecruiterJunior Recruiter
HR ManagerLead RecruiterSenior Recruiter

Recruiting Intern Salary

A Recruiting Intern will typically earn between $36,000 and $54,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $45,000.  

What Is the Recruiting Intern Pay Difference by Location?

Average salaries for a Recruiting Intern differ by location as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$55,510
Seattle, WA$48,556
Denver, CO$44,910
Austin, TX$43,676
Washington, DC$49,435
Milwaukee, WI$43,950
Boston, MA$50,035
New York, NY$53,423

What Is the Recruiting Intern Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Depending on experience, pay will vary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$42,983
1–4 years$45,419
5–9 years$45,852
10–19 years$45,852
20+ years$45,852

Recruiting Intern Job Description Template

[Company Name] has an opportunity for a Recruiting Intern to join our team and learn the basics of recruitment.

You will be part of every aspect of our recruitment operations from start to finish. Your job will range from contacting and interviewing candidates to preparing documentation for our clients and reporting on ongoing business. You will also attend company events, prepare reports, and help in the smooth running of our operations.

You will be joining a highly professional, client-focused, and dedicated team of recruiters and will gain insight into, knowledge of, and hands-on experience in the recruitment industry.

You will play an important part in the smooth running of [Company Name], and your success may result in long-term opportunities for you.

As a Recruiting Intern with [Company Name], Your Tasks Will Include

  • Placing job postings on all relevant platforms
  • Acting as the front-line contact person for applicants
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Managing applicant documentation
  • Taking part in interviews
  • Preparing client presentations
  • Attending company events
  • Assisting with office administration

Required Skill Set

The Recruiting Intern should possess the following skills, attributes, and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in HR or a related field
  • Expert computer skills
  • Strong administrative and document management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to multitask and work under deadlines 
  • Enthusiasm and a capacity for hard work
  • Strong interest in recruitment

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