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Senior HR Business Partner Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Senior HR Business Partner Job Description

The primary task of a Senior HR Business Partner is liaising between the HR department and the rest of the organization to make sure they are aligned.

The Business Partner function within HR focuses on the business needs of each department and how they are reflected in benefits, policies, training, compensation, and recruitment. A Senior HR Business Partner understands both business requirements and HR tasks and ensures that the two complement each other.

A Senior HR Business Partner is a pivotal role that can significantly influence an organization’s ability to succeed.

Similar Job Titles:

HR Director, Assistant Director of Human Resources, HR Manager, Director of Compensation and Benefits

What Does a Senior HR Business Partner Typically Do?

A Senior HR Business Partner works with departmental heads to understand their business plans and aligns HR activities to support, enhance, and improve them.

The role consists of:

  1. Collaborating with departmental heads to formulate business plans
  2. Analyzing business metrics to identify HR-related opportunities for improvement
  3. Advising departmental heads on performance management
  4. Guiding departmental heads on restructuring, employee allocation, and succession planning
  5. Identifying training needs and planning training programs
  6. Advising on employee relations matters
  7. Assisting HR management in delivering value to the organization
  8. Reporting to HR management and departmental heads on HR performance metrics

Collaborating With Departmental Heads To Formulate Business Plans

A Senior HR Business Partner takes part in the business planning process for each department and determines how HR can support it. A professional in this role contributes to the respective business plan by suggesting staffing levels, training, or performance metrics that enhance the plan. A Senior HR Business Partner then makes sure that the HR function is ready and able to help make the business plan work.

Analyzing Business Metrics To Identify HR-Related Opportunities for Improvement

The HR Department is responsible for facilitating improvement throughout the organization. A Senior HR Business Partner analyzes sales data, productivity metrics, cost-of-quality numbers, and financial data weekly to determine what HR should do to support each department. 

Opportunities may be found in changing performance management measures, training, adding resources, or changing policies or procedures. A Senior HR Business Partner suggests changes to HR management and the respective departmental head.

Advising Departmental Heads on Performance Management

A Senior HR Business Partner advises and guides departmental heads on all matters relating to employees’ performance management.

As an HR expert with deep business insight and understanding of the department’s plans, a Senior HR Business Partner is perfectly placed to know what should be measured, what measurement frequency is necessary, and what legislative constraints are involved. 

Guiding Departmental Heads on Restructuring, Employee Allocation, and Succession Planning

Departmental plans often include changes to the structure of the department as a key element in ensuring success. 

A Senior HR Business Partner should advise departmental heads on how to: 

  • Manage restructuring exercises without conflict or legal ramifications
  • Allocate the workforce correctly to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Ensure skills are being transferred between employees to carry out succession without disruptions

Identifying Training Needs and Planning Training Programs

The insights a Senior HR Business Partner gains from being involved in the departmental planning processes make them ideally positioned to know what training is required for a department to deliver on its plan. 

The training requirements may include both hard and soft skills, and a Senior HR Business Partner should prepare a training calendar for each department and share it with HR management for implementation.

Advising on Employee Relations Matters

Departmental heads look to a Senior HR Business Partner for advice on all areas of employee relations. Input should be given during the departmental planning process, but a Senior HR Business Partner should also be on call to assist when required. In certain cases, a Senior HR Business Partner may be asked to mediate in employee negotiations.

Assisting HR Management in Delivering Value to the Organization

HR management may need guidance to transition from a primarily administrative role to being part of the organization’s value chain. A Senior HR Business Partner advises HR Management on what the HR department can do to add measurable value to the organization.

The guidance given may include changes to day-to-day HR priorities, training schedules, policy and procedure development, and recruitment practices. A Senior HR Business Partner may have to motivate proposals with business data.

Reporting to HR Management and Departmental Heads on HR Performance Metrics

HR performance metrics measure the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of HR’s activities. A Senior HR Business Partner reports to HR management and all departmental heads on the HR department’s contribution to the organization’s success.

Effective Senior HR Business Partners link the HR performance metrics with those of each department to create a compelling picture of the HR department’s ability to add measurable value.

Roles a Senior HR Business Partner Typically Collaborates With

A Senior HR Business Partner will collaborate with the following roles:

Collaborative Roles
Compensation and Benefits ManagerBenefits ManagerPayroll Manager
Director of Business DevelopmentVP of SalesChief Executive Officer

Senior HR Business Partner Salary

The salary of a Senior HR Business Partner will be between $70,000 and $85,000 annually in the U.S. The median is around $77,620.  

What Is the Senior HR Business Partner Pay Difference by Location?

Location will affect a Senior HR Business Partner’s average salary as follows:

CityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$97,020
Seattle, WA$84,870
Denver, CO$78,500
Austin, TX$76,340
Washington, D.C.$86,400
Milwaukee, WI$76,820
Boston, MA$87,450
New York, NY$93,370

What Is the Senior HR Business Partner Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Experience will affect a Senior HR Business Partner’s salary as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$74,889
1–4 years$75,981
5–9 years$78,198
10–19 years$78,775
20+ years$79,006

Senior HR Business Partner Job Description Template

[Company Name] is a highly successful company and prides itself on its consistent growth over many years. We are looking to hire a Senior HR Business Partner to help us scale even further and maintain our position in the marketplace.

You will be an HR professional with strong business acumen, and you should be driven by the challenge of adding value to our company through the HR function.

You will work closely with Senior Managers across the company and will be able to lead and manage change, drive improvement, and deliver success.

Senior HR Business Partner Requirements

  • Working with departmental heads to develop business plans
  • Providing an HR perspective on how to deliver against targets
  • Assisting with departmental performance management
  • Aligning the HR function to deliver measurable value
  • Instigating and facilitating change where required

Required Skill Set

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business, or Accounting
  • At least five years’ experience in an HR Specialist or Business Management role
  • Expert knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Excellent business planning, performance management, and change management skills
  • Vast experience with employee relations
  • Expert written and oral communication skills
  • Strategic mindset and holistic thinking ability
  • Analytical and data-driven decision-making skills
  • Strong teamwork and collaborative skills

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