Social Media Strategist Job Description
Social Media Strategist Job Description Social Media Strategists represent a link between the brand and its target audience on social media. They are in charge of planning, strategizing, and running…
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Social Media Strategist Job Description

Social Media Strategists represent a link between the brand and its target audience on social media. They are in charge of planning, strategizing, and running marketing campaigns on different social media platforms.

The primary goal of a Social Media Strategist is to come up with effective ways to get the brand’s message in front of the target audience, improve the brand’s online visibility, and help convert the social following into paid customers.

Social Media Strategists often collaborate with the marketing and sales department and use their creativity and analytical skills to identify, reach, and engage potential customers via social media.

What Does a Social Media Strategist Usually Do?

Social Media Strategists use their marketing expertise to boost brand awareness and spark the followers’ interest in the brand’s products and services. They analyze the market to find target audiences and develop creative marketing strategies to help businesses reach new and existing customers through social media.

Here’s a list of activities a Social Media Manager typically performs:

  1. Develops and implements social media marketing strategies
  2. Builds an online community
  3. Coordinates with marketing, design, and sales departments
  4. Monitors the brand’s online mentions
  5. Suggests content improvement

Develops and Implements Social Media Marketing Strategies

A Social Media Strategist’s job is to create engaging marketing strategies to attract more followers and convert existing ones into customers. This process includes targeting a specific demographic, analyzing the optimal time for publishing the campaign, and determining which social media channels are the most effective, depending on the target audience and the campaigns themselves.

Once they define a potential customer’s profile, Social Media Managers collaborate with other members of the marketing department to create a campaign that aligns with the audience’s interests, wants, and needs.

Builds an Online Community

A Social Media Strategist performs an in-depth market analysis and relies on their creativity to develop an online community that is loyal to the brand. The goal is to establish the brand’s presence and build an ongoing relationship with the social media following that transcends current trends.

Posts, surveys, ads, product announcements, and polls are some of the go-to strategies Social Media Strategists rely on to build a long-lasting relationship between a brand and the members of the online community.

Coordinates With Marketing, Design, and Sales Departments

When developing a marketing strategy, Social Media Strategists have to coordinate with different departments to achieve the company’s goals. The brand’s message, tone, and visuals need to be consistent across all deliverables. It’s the Social Media Strategist’s job to provide guidelines and directions to the designers and copywriters, as well as act as a QA (Quality Assurance) for all produced content.

Monitors the Brand’s Mentions

Apart from developing strategies for social media, Social Media Strategists also moderate the discussions on these platforms. They monitor the users’ overall sentiment towards the brand, provide answers to their queries, give advice, and de-escalate situations that may damage the brand’s online reputation.

The end goal is to ensure that only the positive comments and mentions of the brand circle the social networks, which involves minimizing any negative feedback.

Suggests Content Improvement

There aren’t many certainties in the world of digital marketing. With that in mind, a Social Media Strategist should monitor the performance of different content pieces on social media. Depending on the level of engagement, a Social Media Strategist should determine which type of content resonates with the target audience the most. They must then use that knowledge to tweak existing social campaigns and develop better-performing content for future ones.

Social Media Manager Salary

The average annual salary for a Social Media Strategist in the United States is around $52,000.

Depending on the experience, the skillset, and the company, a Social Media Strategist’s annual salary can range between $36,000 and $78,000.

What Is the Social Media Strategist Pay Difference by Location?

Here is the difference between the average annual Social Media Strategist salaries in major U.S. cities:

City Average Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA $64,278
Seattle, WA $62,988
Denver, CO $51,726
Austin, TX $62,083
Washington, D.C. $56,754
Milwaukee, WI $55,000
Boston, MA $48,931
New York, NY $65,059

What Is the Social Strategist Pay Difference by Experience?

The level of experience also impacts a Social Media Strategist’s salary. Here’s a table of average Social Media Strategist salaries by experience level:

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
< 1 $40,000
1–4 $50,000
5–9 $64,000
10–19 $73,000
20+ $68,000

Social Strategist Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a talented, energetic, and creative individual with a passion for social media to take on the role of our brand’s Social Media Strategist. This position requires a goal-oriented mindset, good networking knowledge, great people, and organization skills.

As a Social Media Strategist, you will be working closely with our [insert departments—e.g., sales, marketing, or design] teams on developing engaging marketing strategies to promote and improve our brand’s image on social networks, primarily [list relevant social media platforms].

Social Media Strategist Responsibilities

  • Creating and implementing new and managing existing social media strategies across multiple social networks
  • Creating content for social media platforms
  • Setting up analytics and monitoring the success of marketing campaigns across social networks
  • Providing regular feedback to other departments to help improve the company’s presence on social media
  • Researching new social media trends and implementing the best practices

Social Media Strategist Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a related field
  • Previous experience as a Social Media Strategist or similar role
  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and experience in using them for professional purposes
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • The ability to multitask
  • Team spirit and the ability to cooperate with different departments daily
  • Good organization and time-management skills

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