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Software Application Developer Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Software Application Developer Job Description

A Software Application Developer creates apps for existing architecture according to the needs of the organization.

The role requires expertise in coding, a thorough knowledge of the organization’s current architecture, and an understanding of the needs of the end-users.

Software apps must be stable, functional, and easy to use, and an effective Software Application Developer is a valued resource in the organization’s IT department.

What Does a Software Application Developer Typically Do?

A Software Application Developer reacts to organizational needs by planning, developing, testing, and rolling out apps.

The role’s specific duties include:

  1. Consulting with management and users to determine requirements
  2. Planning app development projects
  3. Conceptualizing, coding, and developing apps as required
  4. Testing and debugging apps
  5. Developing user manuals and training material
  6. Reporting to management
  7. Monitoring trends and developments in application programming

Consulting With Management and Users To Determine Requirements

Employees frequently identify tasks that would be made simpler through automation, and a Software Application Developer investigates whether this could be achieved by developing a custom application.

In collaboration with departmental heads, routine or recurring tasks are identified, which would benefit from an app that would eliminate errors, speed up the process, or free up resources for more important work.

This demands a solid understanding of the task to be automated, and a Software Application Developer liaises closely with the potential users to make sure the desired outcome is defined clearly.

Planning App Development Projects

Having verified the need for an app, a Software Application Developer prepares a development plan using project planning and management tools.

The stages in app development are broken down using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which lists individual tasks and their estimated time to completion. This allows a Software Application Developer to communicate realistic timelines and keep the development project on track.

Conceptualizing, Coding, and Developing Apps as Required

If the planning phase has been completed diligently, a Software Application Developer can write the code efficiently and with few errors.

The coding process takes account of the users’ needs and ensures the app interface is clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly. Experienced Software Application Developers also make sure each app is fast and does not conflict with the organization’s existing software.

Testing and Debugging Apps

A thorough testing process ensures each new app is user-friendly, works as intended, and makes the user’s job easier.

Testing the app involves bench testing, crash testing, and field testing with volunteers from the eventual users. User feedback is collected, and any glitches are fixed before the app can progress to the rollout stage.

Developing User Manuals and Training Material

Each new app requires training material that is appropriate for the users’ technical expertise. Technical manuals are also required for IT helpdesk staff to be able to assist with issues at a later stage.

The training material is prepared in collaboration with the organization’s training department, and an Application Developer may be tasked with running training courses for the app’s users. The training courses should be short, clear, and informative and should answer the majority of questions the users will have.

Reporting to Management

App development incurs costs, and each new app in the system should provide a return on its development cost by improving business efficiency. A Software Application Developer compiles reports on app usage and showcases its contribution to performance improvement. 

Monitoring Trends and Developments in Application Programming

A Software Application Developer monitors global and industry-specific developments and innovations to identify opportunities for the organization to become more efficient.

Any viable opportunities become the basis for app development plans that a Software Application Developer presents to management for approval.

Software Application Developer Salary

A Software Application Developer’s earnings can range between $50,000 and $100,000 a year in the U.S., with the median being $69,868.

What Is the Software Application Developer Pay Difference by Location?

Job location affects a Software Application Developer’s earnings as follows:

CityAverage Salary
Austin, TX$75,923
Boston, MA$80,977
Denver, CO$75,015
Milwaukee, WI$60,253
New York, NY$82,727
San Francisco, CA$92,828
Seattle, WA$93,195
Washington, D.C.$80,687

What Is the Software Application Developer Pay Difference by Experience Level?

Job experience influences a Software Application Developer’s earnings as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Salary
< 1 year$59,299
1–4 years$65,208
5–9 years$80,075
10–19 years$87,338
20+ years$92,382

Software Application Developer Job Description Template

[Company] is constantly looking for ways to improve our business processes and boost efficiency. We are looking for a qualified and innovative Software Application Developer to help us streamline our workflow.

If you are an expert in understanding business needs and translating them into user-friendly solutions, you should apply for this position.

Software Application Developer Job Responsibilities

Your tasks as a Software Application Developer at [Company] will include:

  • Understanding user needs
  • Planning app development projects
  • Developing fault-free and user-friendly apps
  • Monitoring and reporting on usage
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance our app suite

Required Skill Set

We are looking for the following qualifications, skills, and behaviors:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Programming, IT, or Computing
  • At least two years’ experience in an IT development role
  • Wide knowledge of major app coding languages (C, Java, and similar)
  • Thorough experience in working with old and new architecture
  • Total commitment to quality
  • Solid understanding of business processes
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Excellent communication skills

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