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Software Engineer Job Description
  • Publish: June 11, 2021
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Software Engineer Job Description

The job of a Software Engineer is to use their knowledge of operating systems, software development, and different programming languages to build software solutions in line with the company’s requirements. 

By applying computer science principles to different phases of the development process, Software Engineers can create customized systems and applications for specific clients.

Computer Software Engineer Job Description Template

[Company Name] is looking for a proficient Software Engineer that will work with our exceptional software development team to research, analyze, and design high-quality software solutions. You will work both with clients and internal stakeholders to communicate ideas and proposals, as well as deliver project status reports.

Working at [Company], your job will be to identify user requirements, design appropriate systems, and implement code using different programming languages. You need to have extensive knowledge of the software development cycle—from analytics to deployment.

We are looking for applicants with an innovative mindset and strong analytical and technical skills. They need to be able to work in an agile environment and take the lead when needed.

Software Engineer Responsibilities

  • Collect information and identify system and software requirements
  • Create layouts and technical documentation based on requirements
  • Produce well-designed code that can be tested and improved
  • Incorporate software into a fully operational system
  • Troubleshoot systems, and design upgrades and patches
  • Set up software solutions and assess user feedback
  • Execute the complete software development cycle
  • Ensure that the solutions comply with industry standards

Software Engineer Requirements

  • Previous experience working as a Software Engineer or Software Developer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or another relevant field
  • Excellent ability to write code and develop software solutions using programming languages such as C++ and Java
  • Advanced proficiency in identifying system and software requirements and documenting them
  • Extensive understanding of web frameworks such as JSF, GWT, and Wicket
  • Previous experience in testing, debugging, and troubleshooting software solutions
  • Solid mastery of software engineering tools

A Software Engineer creates all kinds of software solutions, including games, mobile apps, network systems, web applications, etc. They have extensive knowledge of coding and ample experience with writing, testing, and implementing it efficiently. Software Engineers are creative problem-solvers that are able to multitask and build innovative solutions.

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What Does a Software Engineer Generally Do?

The range of tasks that a Software Engineer performs depends on the project. Experienced Software Engineers are commonly hired to analyze, build, incorporate, and support software solutions made to fix specific issues or enable certain functionalities. Their responsibilities generally depend on factors such as the size of the team and the scope of the project.

The most common responsibilities of a Software Engineer are to:

  1. Research and analyze solutions
  2. Design systems
  3. Write and implement code
  4. Provide continual support

Research and Analyze Solutions

Before they can build an effective system, a Software Engineer needs to research and analyze different solutions and technical requirements. They need to gather as much information as they can to be able to determine the system and software requirements, as well as determine the best possible approach. Once they’ve identified the requirements, they create comprehensive documentation that details the system, application, or feature design.

Software Engineers also perform a feasibility study, with the goal of discerning if developing the software is both financially and technically feasible. The Software Engineer singles out the best solution based on the analysis of its benefits and downsides.

Design Systems

A Software Engineer translates the requirements identified through research into a clear structure that details all of the elements, features, and functionalities that will be incorporated into the design of a system or app. 

The tasks of a Software Engineer depend on whether they are working on the front end or the back end. A front-end Software Engineer’s tasks include:

  • Designing UI and UX elements to be user-friendly and efficient
  • Coding the elements that are visible to users

A back-end Software Engineer builds the technical foundation for the system, including performing tasks such as:

  • Writing server scripts and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Optimizing servers for speed, stability, and efficiency

Write and Implement Code

Writing code occupies the bulk of a software engineer’s time.

To be effective in the task, a software engineer should:

  • Determine the most appropriate programming language to use
  • Write the code according to the requirements determined in the research and design phases
  • Test the code for speed, efficiency, and functionality
  • Implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the business

Providing Continual Support

Once they’ve created a product, Software Engineers need to maintain it. Since the product may require continual development as business needs evolve, a Software Engineer needs to provide ongoing support via updates and patches. 

Whenever there is an issue, such as a bug or an error that affects the user experience, it’s the Software Engineer’s job to create and test a solution and deploy the patch.

Roles a Software Engineer Typically Collaborates With

A Software Engineer collaborates with a range of crucial roles within the company, such as:

Roles Software Engineers Collaborate With
IT DirectorQuality Assurance TesterFront-End Developer
Chief Executive OfficerComputer ProgrammerIT Specialist
DevOps EngineerIT ConsultantProject Manager

Software Engineer Salary

The average salary of a Software Engineer in the United States is $92,000 per year.

Based on various factors, such as their skill set, education, and experience, a Software Engineer earns from $63,000 to $134,00.

What Is the Software Engineer Pay Difference by Location?

Let’s take a look at the average salary of a Software Engineer in some of the major cities in the United States:

San Francisco, CA$87,223
Seattle, WA$76,295
Denver, CO$70,567
Austin, TX$68,627
Washington, D.C.$77,677
Milwaukee, WI$69,059
Boston, MA$78,619
New York, NY$83,943

What Is the Software Engineer Pay Difference by Experience?

Based on how many years of experience they have, a Software Engineer earns approximately:

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
< 1 $76,000
1–4 $83,000
10–19 $104,000
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