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StrongerTeams Acquired By Workello.com
  • Publish: November 11, 2021
  • Author: Nick Jordan
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StrongerTeams.com is excited to announce that Stronger Teams has been acquired by Workello.com.

The acquisition enables Stronger Teams to better execute on it’s vision for empowering remote teams.

“We’re really excited to join the Workello.com team to further our mission of being the #1 resource for fast growing teams,” said Gordana, the founder of Stronger Teams.

“Workello has a very similiar mission and vision – to empower fast growing remote teams, and prevent them from re-inventing the same wheel every remote company has to re-create, PTO tracking, payments tracking, software stack, and best practices.”, Gordana continued.

Workello is the #1 software to help content teams hire better writers faster, but we’re not stopping there. After we help people hire better writers, we’ll help them hire all of their other roles – sales, support, development, marketing, HR, virtual assistants – and every other role fast growing remote teams need.”, said Nick Jordan.

“Enabling organizations to hire better talent, faster is the first step of our vision. As our customers grow, we will grow with them, and enable and automate the People Ops processes that every remote team has to re-invent. This is the exact same mission as Stronger Teams, so joining forces via acquiring Stronger Teams made a lot of sense.”

Learn more about Workello.com and what this means for Stronger Team users @ Workello.com

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