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Technical Support Specialist Job Description
  • Publish: April 2, 2021
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Technical Support Specialist Job Description 

In order to provide professional advice and guidance with technical, software and hardware issues, Technical Support Experts have to collaborate with internal or end-users. Communication difficulties, poor efficiency, failure to access data and inefficient programs are some of the more common problems that they address.

What Does a Technical Support Specialist Usually Do?

Technical Support Specialists are competent when it comes to operating networks, maintaining automated devices and implementing software. They will teach people about technology-based goods and services, answer questions and address any relevant issues. 

In order to clarify situations, the technical service expert will ask detailed questions while assisting clients and end-users. As most consumers are not familiar with technical jargon and could be confused when attempting to understand the question, persistence, strong listening skills and outstanding communication skills would be expected by the service professional.

Here’s a list of daily tasks a Technical Support Specialist would be expected to complete:

  1. Check the status of company and client systems and hardware
  2. Respond to internal and client’s troubleshooting requests
  3. Install and set up new systems and hardware
  4. Replace defective or damaged hardware
  5. Troubleshoot software issues

Check the Status of Systems and Hardware

Monitor, evaluate and check up on the status of company/client hardware, network health, and software versions. This will ensure that the company’s uptime is guaranteed to the best of their ability. In order to maintain this uptime, Technical Support Specialists will look at daily reports on hard disk speeds, network stability and operating system fault logs.

Respond to Troubleshooting Requests

Assume operational responsibility and accountability for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all client-based troubleshooting issues and requests that come through to the company. Technical Support Specialists deal with clients that have varying levels of understanding of technology, and as such, will need to respond quickly and clearly to their needs.

Install and Set Up New Systems and Hardware

The company and their clients will regularly require new setups to happen, whether it’s a new office space or a full system replacement. It will be the Technical Support Specialists job to acquire the hardware and software required to make everything operational. Technical Support Specialists ensure that the company’s and client’s systems are operational with no issues.

Replace Defective or Damaged Hardware

Hardware deteriorates over time. This is something that will need to be documented and monitored over time. Other than wear-and-tear, the need to upgrade hardware will happen a few times a year. A Technical Support Specialist’s job involves deciding when the right time is for hardware replacement and if the hardware or software can be tweaked to operate according to the company’s or client’s needs.

Troubleshoot Software Issues

The duties of a Technical Support Specialist include addressing network challenges, setting up software related to their needs, and using remote desktop access to provide urgent support. To give customers easy responses to basic IT problems, you can use email and chat apps. You can contact clients by phone and/or have simple, detailed guidance and technical guides for more complicated issues that require specific instructions.

Technical Support Specialist Salary

For a Technical Support Specialist in the United States, the average annual income is about $52,000. 

The annual salary of a Technical Support Specialist varies from $36,000 and $80,000 based on the business background, existing skill set, and the organization.

What Is the Technical Support Specialist Pay Difference by Location?

In major U.S. cities, the average annual wage of a Technical Support Specialist differs as follows:

CityAverage Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA$64,719
Seattle, WA$50,922
Denver, CO$55,263
Austin, TX$52,531
Washington, DC$60,355
Milwaukee, WI$50,107
Boston, MA$55,174
New York, NY$59,288

What Is the Technical Support Specialist Pay Difference by Experience?

Technical Support Specialists earn more based on the years of experience they have. Below is a table of the average wages for Technical Support Specialists:

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
< 1 $44,000
1–4 $47,000
10–19 $60,000

Technical Support Specialist Job Description Template

To join their diverse team of IT experts, [Company Name] is searching for a professional, multi-skilled technical support specialist. The ideal candidate should be enthusiastic about IT and familiar with supporting a number of applications remotely, such as Windows Desktop and Server, Linux Server, Network and Security, and Virtualized Cloud-based technology.

The applicant will be responsible for the coordination of professional training, preparation of training manuals, technical assistance both internally and externally, and other duties of the technical manager.

Technical Support Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Manage a running log listing all device changes and updates needed
  • Solve technological problems related to interruptions in the network
  • Assist managers in the production of instructional content related to system troubleshooting and use
  • Update, manage and track all facets of computer networks
  • Reply to client questions and help to diagnose the problem and fix issues
  • Manage hardware warranties and instruction manuals
  • Attend meetings to discuss, troubleshoot and diagnose hardware faults for consumers
  • Setup and customize company operating systems and software

Technical Support Specialist Requirements:

  • Essential skills include professional and interpersonal communication, especially when communicating with clients and potential customers
  • Time-management abilities and the capacity to build fair and realistic resolution timelines
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute multiple goals and tasks
  • Be comfortable and support people by business support desk applications, such as Zendesk, in addition to other desktop apps for remote access
  • Accept positive criticism and suggestions from consumers on their application or IT operation experience
  • Have vast experience with numerous operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in or related to computer science
  • Industry-specific qualification for applicable programming languages or applications

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